Sunday, June 12, 2005

At Least She Had a Husband To Kill

That was our favorite Gilmore Girls line from Friday.

Have you done your charitable act for June yet? Help an actress!

So the thingie I went to yesterday (that Nurse Sis had to cancel to stay with Mom for) was LA Works Day. A few thousand volunteers gathered together at 7 am on Saturday morning to go do various good deeds around LA. My team leader Christina Wickers had the honor or reading a letter from our governor to the crowd (she kicked ass, of course).

Then we loaded up on a school bus (My neighbor Meg and I got the wheel seat...Damn!) and my group was shipped to THE BEST VOLUNTEER JOB EVER: painting a firehouse in downtown LA.

The guys were so great to us. So proud and happy we were there to help. We were at a the Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center. It's a(n?) historic landmark where fireman from all over the state train for certification. It's named after a fireman who lost his life at 24 in 1980. This building has the biggest piece of wreckage from 9/11 outside of NYC. They were given it because so many of the LA firefighters went to NYC to help. The Chief told us a ton of interesting things about firefighters and the way they train. It was all pretty wild. I mean, we know they're heroes, but how often do we think about what they actually have to do to become firefighters, or what the job is like afterwards?

My team primed the back wall of the building. It's going to be painted next week by a different group. I was a little embarrassed that we couldn't do more to help, but we got the job done that they wanted. Pretty quick too; it was like a team of worker ants descended on the station.

I met a really sweet fireman who wants me to stop by his house today or tomorrow to see him. Turns out he's stationed right around the corner from us: problem is he's from OC and couldn't tell me street names, so I'd have to stop by a few neighborhood firehouses. "Hi, I'm a stalker! Brought cookies and my dog Hero!"

I was really shocked he kept talking to me. He was such a good guy, and waaaay too handsome. Reminds me of Luke Wilson, only much stronger. The whole thing was great, but really embarrassing. I'm such a fucktard with men, especially gorgeus ones giving sincere compliments filled with good intentions. Yikes. Especially when I'm covered in paint and dirt, have my hair in a ponytail, and am wearing a Stewie Family Guy t-shirt and sweat pants. Seriously, what the hell was he thinking?

Oh, and he was trying to figure out what actress I look like - LOL. I told him I just blogged about that, but I didn't get the impression he knew what a blog was. Probably thought I was totally egotistical - "You're right! I do look like some character actress...Nobody can ever remember who..." Actually the best part about being overweight in LA (read over a size 4 with a booty) is that no one confusedly asks for my autograph anymore. That really used to suck when they realized I was nobody.

I don't know, it's 3:30 already and I still haven't worked out or showered, and I'm feeling fat and shy and like I'd make a total jackass out of myself showing up at a firestation like a groupie. I wish he'd just asked for my number, but he probably could have been fired for that, being on duty and all. Ack.

But it was nice to wake up today with a smile on my face. Possibility and refreshing in my life.


Lynne said...

There ain't nothing like some schmoozing from a handsome guy to lift your spirits. You know what, the fact that he was talking, acting interested, AND you had your hair in a ponytail, in tshirt and sweats, means he's a pretty nice guy, and has radar for nice, smart, sassy S Factor chicks.

I hope you find his fire station.

Kid Sis said...


Good point!!!!!

ronnie said...

just wait'll he sees you when you're cleaned up ;)


WriteOnBklyn said...


Speaking as a member of the male species (less-fairer sex?) this guy is INTO you. He wouldn't have spent all that time talking to you if he wasn't. (At least from my viewpoint.) And quite frankly, I think most guys would be into a girl who even know what "Family Guy" is, and can wield a paintbrush with authority. Your picture on this blog is cute as hell, and if your "live" personality matches your writing, as I'm sure it are a catch. Point being, don't self-sabotage. I'm sure you're not looking for dime-store philosophy in your blog comments, but I've seen so many female friends do this. Look at it this way - why WOULDN'T he be into you? Besides, he's a fireman, he lives in OC, not some mailroom coke addict at CAA, so it's not like he is caught up in the Hollywood scene and all it entails. So I say go get 'em!

PS - and just wait 'til he finds out about S Factor class! :)

Christina said...

Okay, do you need your friend to rally you? Cowboy up... That guy was priceless. He chose you out of all the women there. You hot tottie!

ronnie said...

Hey, Kid Sis:
writeonbklyn an' funnigirl an' Christina are all soooooooo right... the boy likes ya! He is 'so into you' right now. So you gotta follow up, girlfriend!

Let us know what happens! Don't make me cash in the RRSPs (Canadian 401Ks) and come out there!


Kid Sis said...

Thanks for all the advice, everyone! Totally appreciate it, and the well-wishing! You guys gave me the balls to go find him, and that's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Love the Gilmore Girls! One of my favs! Got DVDs for my birthday one year. That Lorelai really cracks me up!

If someone starts signing to you, perhaps it is because they thought you look like that actress from Jericho the tv show. LOL

Last time I was a size 4 was when I was a 10 year old "teen" model (only 5 feet 2 inches tall). No curves yet.

- Freckles