Tuesday, April 29, 2008


People have already started booking me two months in advance for the amaaaaazing summer movie season. And I've got three dates for Iron Man, which is perfect. I already know I'm gonna love it. The big O.

The curse and blessing of being such a geek goddess. I'm just glad my enthusiasm while watching doesn't bug my friends. Poor Josh usually laughs more at me than the movie...

Expect many more opinions like I had for X-Men 3 and Star Wars 3 "Star Wars 2" was before I was a blogger, but I fell asleep on Dr. Dave when Yoda started fighting using the force in anger, so guess that says it all.


Anonymous said...

That is grrrrrreat! I feel as if I am there with you. You are going to love it! Sounds like you will have a wonderful summer.

Congratulations on getting three dates for Iron Man ;-)


Kid Sis said...

Yea Dianna!!!!

I always love your comments. Thank you thank you for reading!!!