Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Could I be more excited about...

Chronicles of Narnia
The Happening
Sex & the City
Indiana Jones
Iron Man
The Hulk 2
Hellboy 2
Step Brother
The X-Files
and The Dark Knight



Anonymous said...

Excited about all of these. Also am looking forward to seeing the new Patrick Dempsey movie - Man of Honor.


JC said...

You deserve to be excited however I can think of better things to excite than those listed - like going on holiday - being able to afford the latest in Stella McCartney designs and having dinner with Steven Gerrad.

Josh said...

Are you as big a fan of Pixar as I am? Cause if so, we've also got the amazing-looking Wall-E to look forward to!

Plus Hancock, Tropic Thunder, and yes, I admit it: I want to see Speed Racer.

Kid Sis said...

Dianna and Josh, I'm not so into those but glad you're excited about something too!

JC, yeah I don't know anything about those things. Movies are what keep me alive. But knock yourself out! :)

Josh said...

Lis, did you read Nikki Finke's story about tracking for Iron Man being "weak with women?" Apparently you're an uncommon woman (although we knew this already).

Anonymous said...

you're such a nerd you realize there's a secret ending on "Iron-Man"?, you seem like you'd find Pepper Pots in the "War Machine" suit very empowering...

Anonymous said...

Is the Chronicles of Narnia the new Prince Caspian film? Sorry if I sound dense but I thought there already was a film, Chronicles of Narnia, several years ago?