Tuesday, April 29, 2008


By the way, being called out by Showrunner/A-list screenwriter/blog god John Rogers was just too cool not to mention.

Read to the bottom, or you'll miss his killer "hey".

That guy is just so stellar as a writer and a human being. I thought I was a freak about inputting articles and TV shows and movies to build a better writer, but that man misses NOTHING. I don't think he sleeps. He's like Neo downloading martial arts. And still has RAM left over to tell us what's wrong with our dang US political system. Must be something in that Canadian water.

Did I ever mention the Thanksgiving I spent at Mark Waid's house with Mr. Rogers and Tyler Mane from X-Men, a dozen other Illuminati members, and of course Mark's copious collection of DC toys and comics and original art??? My lord. I'm such a lucky, lucky, fangirl.

You know, he actually recognized ME once in Meltdown comics instead of the other way around...that's how cool he is.

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