Monday, April 21, 2008


de·spon·den·cy (dĭ-spŏn'dən-sē)
n. Depression of spirits from loss of hope, confidence, or courage; dejection.

Well, thanks a lot Jake. Guess that's pretty accurate.

Drat. Damn blog readers reading me better than I know myself. ;)

Funny. Alison Armstrong just did a whole new seminar CD on people who've given up on love (love of jobs, hobbies, organizations, friends, romantic partners) and how the root is a failure that leads to the absence of hope.

Field-testing the PAX materials once again, apparently. Wish I'd quit that and graduate already, ha ha...

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japhy99 said...

Check out your sidebar. Take a few minutes to read your own stuff. Your confidence will come back. With great big fiery bells on.