Thursday, April 24, 2008

Uwe Boll gotta eat

OMG. The freakin' cursed Ender's Game movie has lost Wolfgang Peterson. Poor poor Orson Scott Card. Will he ever see his masterpiece on the bigscreen? Will he want to if the talback jokesters at AICN have their way and nominate Ratner or Boll to helm?

Could be worse. At least, according to Boll, he's not "a fucking retard" like Michael Bay or making the same shitty movie like Eli Roth.


Stay the time this movie is made, we'll have a new Hegemon...

By the way, the links above? Totally worth your giggle time, even if they aren't new.
And if you're an aspiring filmmaker, you can always enter The Uwe Boll Movie Challenge!

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