Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Neil Diamond

Can't believe I'm watching "American Idol." Blame Nate for standing me up staying late at work, ha ha ha...Couldn't possibly be my bad TV taste ;) But I've got good food taste; eating a fat Banana Split Sundae. Hells to the yeah. Life is for living.

God I still love Neil Diamond. He's got that number one quality for me in a man: sweetness. Love love love.

What's your fav song of his? They didn't do mine: "Longfellow Serenade". Pretty obscure choice out of his oeuvre. Here's my favorite verse/chorus of it:

Longfellow Serenade
Such were the plans I made
But she was a lady
As deep as the river
And through the night, we stayed
And in my way, I loved her as none before
Loved her with words and more
For she was lonely
And I was lonely
Ride, come on baby, ride
Let me make your dreams come true
I'll sing my song
Let me sing my song
Let me make it warm for you
I'll weave this web of rhyme
Upon this summer night
We'll leave this worldly time
On his winged flight
Then come, and as we lay
Beside this sleepy glade
There I'll sing to you
My Longfellow serenade

Ha ha, I quoted Wordsworth in The Commune and no one's gotten it yet. I wandered lonely as a cloud.

Ah, romantics are all but extinct...we've been bagged and tagged and left for dead.

But that David Cook...he's pretty dreamy, huh. Singing All I Really Need is You. Cagey, man. Good music arrangement again. He's one smart competitor. I don't know if I trust his sweetness. A little too calculated. I really liked his Billy Jean performance a month ago, though.


Josh said...

Hear, hear! (or is it here, here?) They don't call Neil the Jewish Elvis for nothing!

And don't forget the #2 quality in a good man: sequined jumpsuits.

Heidi said...

forever in blue jeans, babe!

Anonymous said...

a banana split...yummy!

now I am eating a banana split sundae....

Kid Sis said...

Mine was heath bar and rocky road...ooooohhhhhh yeaaaaaah, giggity giggity

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kid Sis:

I was at the American Idol dress rehearsal this week (the Neil Diamond week) and David Cook is much more handsome in person, let me tell you! He's handsome in a classical way that is hidden beneath his "edgy" haircut and rocker clothes.

Cook had to repeat the first song twice and actually dropped out of the second song almost halfway through it -- he thought he had guitar problems -- but solved it and started over. However, these events made him a bit tense (I would be, too!).

I don't know if he's snarkey or smug; it's just that they've been playing in that small venue for quite a while now and it appears they've gotten comfortable performing there.

Plus, Ryan Seacrest walks around in jeans and a t-shirt at dress rehearsal and it's oh-so-casual. It's a very laid-back atmosphere.

Thought you'd enjoy that little insight!

Shawna said...

I gotta tell ya, I don't get the David Cook thing. I mean, I kinda do, but he just comes off as smarmy.

Post-Hollywood week, my sister and I got the skeeve-vibe off him big time...like well, if I were to post it here it could be defamatory, but let's just say, I wouldn't want him near a playground.

I'm not happy with any of the options right now. Syesha would be the best choice, but I sense the Davids will duke it out at the end.

I too love Longfellow Serenade. But seriously, best Diamond song PENNED by him was 'Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon'.

I'm one for quoting TS Eliot myself...

Kid Sis said...

Ohhhhh anon with the 1st hand gossip: much appreciated!!!

Shawna, third vote for smarmy! Think we've diagnosed the problem with Dr. Love...

Oh, T.S. Eliot quotes...well-played!

Lina said...

Love "Sweet Caroline"! Anyone who wrote some songs for The Monkees is fine by me! ;)