Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bloodshot eye

Man, my right eye is throbbing. Popped it reading Charles's manifesto against "The Killing Joke."

Taking the last of the PAX classes this weekend. Long day today. Great day. Great insights. Gorgeous weather. Awesome women. Man, I'm going to have such a killer relationship with some lucky guy soon. So happy.

This last one is Celebrating Men and Marriage. I'm not a huge marriage gal. Am a huge monogamy/committment gal. But haven't really dated in years. Pertubes my family and friends and society...thus earning me constant disapproval... which then effects the quality of my relationships with men, my self-esteem, my ability to empower my men and be at cause...

Great class. I'll blog more soonish.


Anonymous said...

Please do not let anyone pressure you into doing something you do not want to do! (marriage or kids or anything you do not want to do)

Monogamy and committment are important. It is possible to have that without marriage. You know what you want.

And marriage is not a guarantee that there will be monogamy and committment.

I have not really dated in years either. Lots of first dates, though. I feel sorry for the men because they expect me to be perfect. No one is perfect. 9 out of 10 times, I like the man.

They expect sparks. I do not trust sparks because that is the first clue of a potential abusive relationship. The man has to possess me. I cannot see my family or friends. I do not want that.

Jake said...

He sure will be a lucky guy the one you tend on having a relationship with (In your own time) Marriage today incurs huge expense, why bother when the money can be put to better use in kitting out the love nest. Most marriage break ups are caused by infidelity and money issues, so why make matters worse by getting in debt before being carried over the threshold.

Kid Sis said...

Anon, oh WOW! I hear where you're coming from and appreciate the post. Any interest in the first course Celebrating Men. Man, I it would be so awesome for you!!!

Jake, thanks! I've had the feeling from your posts your loved one is lucky too :) I don't particularly believe in mahwage (Honestly, I've "Married" my three real boyfriends anyway), and I DEFINITELY don't want a wedding. Unless it's something really important to him that he's had dreams about, and we can figure out a way to do it very cheap. I wouldn't want him not to get what makes him happy.

Otherwise, my ideal is just a fun party. Maybe a potluck or silver trays of local food out for people to serve themselves...and dancing with a friend's live band of course. Ideally thrown on a friend's property. $2000 max, and the best time anyone's had. And the "gifts" people bring could just be the alcohol they want to consume, or a donation to a charity. Sounds like the way to start a lifetime union to me.

Anyway, that's what would make me happy.

Anonymous said...

Yea, interested in the first course "Celebrating Men". Any chance these classes are offered online? I love men. Maybe too much...

I am like that nympho from the Swedish film "Curious Yellow". Add Mae West to the mix and that is me.

Kid Sis said...

Ha ha ha, gotta see if Netflix has that! And I LOVE Mae West.

No online courses, but a great DVD and some CDs and books!