Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Went back up north last weekend to edit another day with Todd. Specifically, four scenes that were going to make my head pop like Scanners if I had to nod mutely at another screening about them. Funny how test audience members don't like hearing "I KNOW about that scene, I agree, you're right, but what ELSE didn't you like or understand?!! Move on already for gods' sake before I effing strangle you!!! With my MIND, you midichlorian-challenged kaniggets!!! Fetchez la vache!!!"*

So, I had high hopes we'd fixed two of these issues and rushed to test them on a virgin viewer within hours of limping off the I-5 today. And apparently I WAS a Nazi in my last life, because damn if the last of our tweaking didn't help one iota.

Means I have to do a reshoot. Small. But...important.

Mother pus bucket.

This news upsets my apple cart as a diffuse awareness woman whose to do list is never done, and will not please Todd the single focus male who likes to finish one task well. See? Moviemaking is unsettling to both genders. I know I won't be satisfied until it's done and edited in.

On the plus side, had a fun time visiting my brother and his family. Saw my nieces' first college apartment, and learned some intriguing CSI: Miami gossip from Brian. Apparently TV stars are allowed to be bad with props and thresholds, and incoherent by 11 AM. Mindbloggling (thank you Defamer and Brian for the heads up). And I can't get that Youtube montage of one-liners out of my head..."Yeah!!!"

Caught up with some friends I hadn't seen since before the epic movie-making process began last August. Met a new baby who was already five months old. Managed to refuel my spiritual tank just by marinating in the Sonoma County allergens. Oh, and was given another large bag of books to read by my friends. Glad they still believe in my artistic input capacity.

Always lovely to be home where they KNOW you and believe in you no matter what. I could never live there again as a singleton, and when I DID friends didn't make time for me in their family's lives...but it's amazing to be able to have my social side filled in LA and my spiritual and lifetime friendship tanks replenished just a day's drive away.

Have I mentioned lately how incapable I am of having children? Being an auntie to many is fab, but they would not survive long if I was in charge of their well-being. Either I would go Greek Medea on their ass, or I'd accidentally forget the baby carrier on my car hood and spend the rest of my life wondering if my unconscious was controlled by an evil Heroes Id twin...

* If you've seen my feature film, thank you for taking your valuable time to watch it and give your opinion. Really, it's not's me.

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