Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Sort of. Going to be looong days of class info and long driving on two of the three days, but nonetheless I will be in sunny (hopefully) San Diego this weekend. At the end of it I will be only one class away from a full graduate of the PAX program for Understanding Men and Women. Pretty freaking cool. I'm looking forward to the positive energy, the learning, the other cool like-minded ladies, planning my life...

Ah, San Diego. A town I once would have loved to live in that now turns my stomach to churning goo. So emotionally loaded with failure last summer; love and work.

Time to take the bull by the cajones and go back to the Gaslamp District for no reasons but food and education.

No Comic-con for me this summer, first time since what, 2001? Something like that. (Charles??) But I said I wasn't going back until I had something professional to sell, preferably Pistoleras...All good things come to an end. In this case, it's my extended adolescence. Time to graduate. Next!


Jake said...

Enjoy your food and get an education. There is no such thing as failure this is all in your mind. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a break is good, food is good...I remember the Boll Weevil's as being pretty good-if any are left,
& there's a batch of really good Original Pancake Houses-one original-original & the other a spin-off of their Chicago franchisee(whew)

I think we agree The Con has basically become a human 405 @ rush hour-yet with comicgeeks

Kid Sis said...

Ahhhh Jake. If only I could replace my mind's OS with your mind's OS.

Charles? Dat you? Or Michael? Which geekbrother is this with the conch shell?