Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I don't visit Facebook that often because I don't want constant updates on my exes and men who've rejected me. Funny thing about that, I find Facebook and Myspace make women messy. Seem to be designed to bring out low self-esteem in women so that the one night standers can swoop in for the pickings.

But after almost a month of not signing in, guess what was waiting for me?

A Facebook message from a guy in Singapore who says "I'm a huge fan, love your performance in The Commune, please add me as a friend!"

Oh, and I can see from his profile he works for MTV Networks.


"The Commune" isn't out anywhere. We've sent it to Cannes and LAFF, and been effin' anal about destroying copies (only Heidi and I have one) and know exactly who we've shown it to. Because I'm nobody's fool, and pirating kills small independent filmmakers.

Three possibilities are in my head right now:

1. The movie was thrown in the trash by someone at LAFF or Cannes, and some smart fast pirater rummaged through the DVDS and picked ours. Edited out the "For Screening Purposes Only" - tagged scenes and released it in Asia and I should kill myself now. Just take a running leap off a building.

2. This man has not seen my movie.

3. This man was on a screening committee for either Cannes or LAFF, indeed does like my film, and is my first unknown unsolicited movie fan.

#3 would be very cool. Although it still makes me a feel a little weird and exposed (literally...at least he didn't say "great rack!" because I can't tell you how wigged I'm going to be when that starts), it also gives me great great hope and a tiny ounce of pride.

Like this blog and me in general, I don't hold back the truth...the movie goes straight for the jugular, and I imagine it will get A's and F's from people who see it.

So...wow. Someone who didn't know me Loves it.


Oh shit!!!! I just thought of a fourth disappointing possibility....He saw "Conventioneers" and mistook me for the lead actress....Oh, that's possible. I look like Woodwyn in the poster. Yeah, that's possible.


Anonymous said...

great rack!! (I'm guessing)(like a gentleman I refrained while on set)

Kid Sis said...


C'mon. Which of my boys is this?? I MISS YOU GUYS!

And don't lie and tell me you weren't in the room while we filmed. That was the most crowded set we ever had, but i figured it was less creepy then letting y'all gather around the monitor in the other room, ha ha ha...

Anonymous said...

Or he could have found you on imdb.com. I saw a few shots from the film on imdb.com.

But it is not quite the same thing as seeing the film.

Haren said...

Hello Elisabeth....i think you and everybody else have got it wrong....:)

Hollywood produces dvd screeners for critics and the like to view.....that's how i got my view on "The Commune"..don't know whether you knew that...:)

I'm a fan of female celebs....because i think no movie is complete without them.......:) They make each and every film out there tick.

But you do write with an interesting style on your blog and so i hope to meet you someday and take a photo with you...hehe....here's wishing you all the best in all your endeavours and thanks for putting me on the blog....wow i'm on a celeb blog!!

Haren, your fan

Kid Sis said...

I put those photos on IMDB so I am aware of them, and that clearly falls under #2!

Kid Sis said...


My film hasn't been sold to Hollywood yet, we're not even done editing, so there's no one but me to distribut copies and I didn't give you one. Could you please Facebook me about this? I'm really worried now that the movie has been pirated.