Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm still so in love...

with James McAvoy. Dang.

Great eyes, presence, thoughts on his face. And the way he makes love to his women onscreen. Delicious.

This BBC Macbeth is the bomb! Oops...just went soft. Oh, that's okay. I can forgive an out of focus shot. At least it's creative and well-acted.

Yeah. James. Ah, shirtless again. Thank you thank you.

So one of my best friends and I are Gmail chatting right now, and he won't let me post anything we're saying. I'm sorry. I promise it would've amused you. He's suggesting a trip to the store for Ben & Jerry's.


JC said...

I am still in love with myself because know one else seems to be wanting to love me at the moment.

Josh said...

Curious - Did you think he was still sexy as Mr. Tumnus? Or to put in another way, was he a faun to fawn over? Did he rock the Goat? Could it be said he was the Centaur of Attention?

Hell, these puns write themselves!