Saturday, July 09, 2005

WTF???? Part Deux

Okay. Aint it Cool News used to use every review and spy report I sent them. Moriarty even printed that he looks forward to getting emails from me in his box. And that I'm "spectacularly cute," but that's neither here nor there. It was just unnecessary and incredibly kind. Upshot is, I've been treated well.

Then suddenly over the last year, the AICN boys randomly stopped printing dwindled down to maybe half. It all started with not printing the "Double Dare" review and Q & A, which shocked me. How many of my reviews do they print now? The last one was that soccer film review over three months ago.

I have access to many advanced screenings and special Q & As. I'm going to one next week, besides Comic-Con. And I love giving back to the fanboy community. That's all I really get from contributing. A little geek cred and the fun of dismantling the Hollywood system. BUT...

The thing is, I do this for free...and I put a lot of time into it. Especially the verbatim Q & As that are twenty pages long. So it's a big deal if they don't print it. It means I'm less likely the next time to bother.

The "Murderball" review was really important to me, because of the subject matter and because I promised Dana I'd try to help get more viewers. I told him I had no control over whether the boys chose the article or not, but that I'd at least give it a good shot. And I think I wrote an interesting report.

I've checked every day, just in case AICN posted it closer to the release date. And I KNOW they got it, because this time I didn't just send it to Drew and Harry...I CCed EVERYONE.

So what do I see today on the site?

Someone else's effing "Murderball" review.

Now on the one hand, I'm really happy for Dana and Christine and Keith and Team Murderball. They deserve the publicity, and they've been getting a shitstorm of it. I love it. I'll love it more when they take home the little gold man next February. It doesn't matter who wrote the review, just that MTV Film's target audience was reached again.

But I don't love being ignored again by Geek Headquarters without any explanation.

Looks like Mrs. Mia Wallace just hung up her Bat Watoosie dancing shoes.


John Donald Carlucci said...

You realize they only have so much space and they print SO MANY interesting and indepth articles (sarcasm-o-meter at high).

I only go there for the comic guys now. They're the only ones who really seem to do any actual work in writing pieces. I'm sick and tired of an Lost or Alias page that quotes random dialogue. Give me some thought on the ep.

Half the stuff I see on other sites days before verbatim to the press release.

I stick to


The Dummy said...

The fart eaters! You should send them some 'special' Harry Potter jellybeans, the ones that have such colorful flavors like earwax, vomit, or rotten egg. At least you'll have the last laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey NP,

When I lost, like, ALL of the fellowships I applied for, my favorite mentor told me: make them sorry. Write something so good next time, they'll be sorry they left ya behind last time.

I added to this formula plenty of cussing and cursing and calling them out to gods, at which point it worked, and I wrote something NONE of 'em could resist! Hah! Hahahahaha!

(Also I got a lotta good people to read my stuff before I sent it out. By the way, if you wanna send me anything, I'd be happy to read it.)

Well. Here ends my didactic crapola.

So what happened on Friday night at the Eisners?


Brookelina said...

I say we make them an offer they can't refuse. Make them swim with the fishes. Go to the mattresses. Leave the gun, take the cannolis.

Kid Sis said...

JDC, I'll check that site out. But do they take freelance reports?

DD, Haaaahaaa.

NN, Haaahhhaaaa. Wow, this last laugh stuff really exercises the tummy muscles. Problem with your idea is, I already shot my wad with that Murderball review. That's as good and personal as my AICN style reviews get. Eisners happen this Friday; don't worry, you'll all hear all about it!

Brooke, I'm not mad at them...just flumoxed and beyond the point of wanting to put that amount of effort in for a return that makes no sense!

Moses said...

I think you're right. Pouring out enthusiasm and love without any validation gets old mighty quick.

If the passion moves you don't stifle it but screw if they can't forward it on to the rest of the community. That or email them asking what's up, just curious type of thing, how can you not see my passion and brilliance you fools, that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with Moses -- you could ask what's going on. Figure out what they want that you're not giving them, and then re-work your stuff next time you send something in.

And you will go to other cool stuff that you'd want to write in about, right? It's not over with the "Murderball" report!

In some sense, you aren't really punishing anyone but yourself if you take all your marbles and go home. And I think tenacity does pay off, in the end. So go get 'em!


Brookelina said...

If they don't publish your work, can you put it on here? Or is that not cool? Would love to see some of your stuff. :)

chad said...

you should just post your reviews here. AICN seems to be getting a bit cliquish IMHO. I have sent in a couple reviews but they have only printed one. That is neither here nor there. Don't let your reviews go to waste.
I totally thought about your review this weekend when I saw that they posted that other one. The bastards!!!

Otis Frampton said...

AICN is a toilet.

Put your writing talents and time to better use by working on your own scripts, not contributing to Harry's Happy House of Fanboy Bitching.

Really. You're better off having nothing to do with them.


John Donald Carlucci said...

I don't know if they do, but I'm just tired of the rehashed crap on AICN. We are talking about a virtual space after all. They could open talkbacks on more than their own self-interests (Deadzone or Galactica would be a couple).

You could always print here. I redirect people to your site and I'm sure there are many others.

Sis, could you contact me with your email? I would like to discuss something private with you (no organ music playing in the background).


Kid Sis said...

Hey Brooke, Here's the Murderball review.

And here's a short story.

Just click on "show original post" and you'll be in business!

Kid Sis said...

Moses and NN, good points. Thanks.

Chad, thanks! Too funny that you thought of me. I think I will just post all my tidbits here.

Otis, wow. Never thought of it that way. It does take a lot of time; much better spent on my own projects. I've been contributing since 2000, but the site has changed a lot since then.

JDC, you got it. BTW, I love Dead Zone and BSG. Though how stupid is the Sci Fi channel to put the season opener this Friday when their target audience is at the con? They know better than that.