Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Update

Well, it's just the way it is around here...we've been living on a see-saw for years now. For those of you who haven't experienced cancer, trying to follow Mom's health updates gives you a good feel for it. Is she or isn't she...Who knows?

Nurse Sis estimated Mom's chances of pulling through on Wednesday around 50/50. Then Mom was clear-headed and much better yesterday, not obtunded like the day before. Still having a hard time breathing, but Nurse Sis stayed all day with her to get her meds right with the doctors and watch them like hawks (their constant questions and mistakes were driving Mom nuts). But she was with it enough to comment on the consistent beauty of everyone taking care of her (and no rings!). Can definitely see why Brad Pitt et al hang out there when they're "dehydrated from exhaustion." Mom referred to the eye candy as "Bubblicious" and suggested Nurse Sis work there instead of her current hospital. Oh, that rascally Mom.

Big Bro arrived in the evening, and that cheered her up immensely. But aparently she had a rough night last night and her heart rate dropped way too low. They were waking her up every forty-five minutes to check her vitals. They might tap her lungs today to relieve a half liter of the fluid there, or they might wait. Visiting hours are just opening up, and Big Bro is there already. I need to take Nurse Sis' checkbook to her work, then I'll be going to the hospital. So, who knows? Her spirits are low again.

For those of you who were marveling at the amount of reading I get done, my biggest scoop is that there's really nothing else to do at a hospital. It's too rude to bring my laptop, so I bring scripts and books. Yesterday I read Dogs of Babel, and today I'll probably read Bruce Campbell's. Anxiety levels are high; you have to find some way of occupying your mind so you don't start eating or doing something else destructive.

Also, I clocked myself for the reader who asked. I read in the neighborhood of 75 pages an hour, so I can finish the average novel in 3-4 hours. Because I'm reading an hour before bed every night (TV is all reruns, and if I don't reset my brain I have either insomnia or terrible nightmares), it's quite simple for me to read a book and a half a week. Probably not the vacation you all thought it was. But certainly doable. You just need a sick loved one!

Amanda, thank you for your kind email...I am watching my spoons. I've been exercising an hour in the morning and an hour at night, so that helps the anxiety levels. Has a weird effect of making me eat only once a day, but when I do eat it's healthy fresh veggies and lean meat. But I'm feeling stronger and better than when I was doing the doughnut binge and sleeping too much. How to drop six pounds in a week...again, you just need a sick loved one!

I'm going to a book signing tonight of a friend of a friend. Good book, too. So I have that to look forward to. And I'm still editing Mom's autobiography. That will occupy me for at least another week.

Take care everyone, and thanks for the positive thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad to hear things are going a little better for your mom (finger's crossed that it continues) and that Brenda is doing some hunk-watching while she's at the hospital. And I'm glad that you're getting some time to exercise. There's nothing like a good workout to blow off steam.

You know, it's funny. I was just re-reading Sir Thomas More's "Utopia" (don't ask -- dear gawd, I'm so OVAH this dissertation). There's this wonderful section in which he reminds us that the most potent bodily pleasure is the feeling of health. We so often overlook it.

But not today. Your blog reminded me to think about it. I'm hive-free -- at the moment -- and enjoying every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

PS. What about the new Harry Potter? Didja read that?


SDReaderMan said...

Hi Liz,

I'm glad your Mom came through and is doing a little better - rascally even. That playfullness will do her good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Leia. Glad to hear Brian made it down safe and sound, and more glad to hear that your Moms had some momentary breaks of light in the otherwise pervading clouds.

Any way we can send flowers/ potentially-contraband cookie baskets to Hospital-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named?

Please let me know if time permits.

Prayers always --

MoDigli said...

Wow! I am more and more impressed with you, Kid Sis!!! You are supporting your mom every day in the hospital, still getting a ton of reading and editing done, exercising TWICE a day, and keeping your blog up to date, plus whatever else I don't know about - !

Has anyone told you how amazing you are lately?

BTW ~ Thanks for quoting me on your side bar comments!! I feel so honored! You made my day! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay. Forget what I said yesterday. I guess the supermeds they gave me have stopped working, and the hives are back with a vengeance. My legs and arms are disfigured with horrible red splotches.

In fact, it's so bad, this morning people at the grocery store were looking at me like they do a handicap person. Such pity for me.

I'm at the end of my rope.


Kid Sis said...

NN, still hives now, or blessedly free again? Fingers crossed for the latter.

I'm actually the one person on the planet who hasn't read any Potters. And I'm going to stay that way. Cuz I'm not a joiner. :)

SDR, Absolutely agreed.

MIM, yeah I could tell you the secret password...

Mo, thank you, thank you and thank you! Though I don't know how amazing it is to start exercising twice a day after a Hollywood saleslady sincerely tells you to look for jeans that will fit you in LANE BRYANT. For gods sake, I'm a size ten.

MoDigli said...

Jaysus! Hollywood and LA are certainly SKEWED when it comes to body image. ... ! Wow!

Kid Sis said...

Yes, a beautiful ex-model friend of mine had a similar experience on Melrose when she was a size 8. The saleslady told her stores on Melrose were for thin women, and she should look elsewhere.