Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A DEATH IN THE FAMILY. Posted by Picasa


Kid Sis said...

Damn that's a cover.

If anyone knows who owns it...

I will have that in my lifetime, even if I have to marry the bloke whose wall it's hanging on.

Anonymous said...

Um, well, I'm kind of taken... ;)

Just kidding. Never saw that cover before in my life. Classic Aparo forms and poses.


Kid Sis said...


THAT'S what I want everytime I go to a comics store. It just doesn't exist anymore.

I love and respect C, but if you owned that cover she'd be a dead woman. And after we married, the arsenic would slowly get introduced into the menu... ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe NOT some info to pass to the wife...

J/K -- I am genuinely pleased -- though I really shouldn't be surprised -- when 'my' friends get along with CC.

Good thing I DON'T have that cover. Going to Con made me realize I REALLY have to take better care of my TPs and graphic novels. Too many frayed covers and McDs stains from days reading over lunch in my car. By the time I'm 35, I'm going to ahve to repalce practically... ALL of them.

My son actually COLORED the cover of Queen and Country (it wiped off). The AUTOGRAPHED one. Thank heaven he didn't actually OPEN it. tara Chace would have bright orange Crayola bullet wounds by now.


Kid Sis said...

Ohhhh. Not good.

So did you like Queen and Country?

Any reading suggestions to give to the blogging community?

Anonymous said...

Yep, I should sleep, but barring that...

Queen and Country? Liked it, but the way I like a pilot episode. Shows promise, will definitely pick up the second compilation. Just wish all the MI-5 guys didn't look like Clive Owen with different haircuts.

As for recommendations, I'm a wee bit behind, as you know, but my all-time favorites include:

JLA: Grant Morrison and Howard Porter's run, Issues 1-40, all in TPs (New World Order, American Dreams, Rock of Ages, Strength in Numbers, Justice for All, World War III). What brought me back to comics in the late 90s. Great, old-fashioned, keep the world from blowing up stories.

Flash: Terminal Velocity -- an older story (mid 90s) but one of my favorites to this day. Great intro to Mark Waid's writing style -- reverence for the past, but rooted in strong interplay of modern characters. One of my favorite romantic storylines in all of comics.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga -- So part of the comic culture subconscious, CC actually used it as part of her lesson in Greek tragedy... and she blasted the Fox TV series wussing out on the ending.

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn -- You want the way to introduce Green Lantern in a movie? USE THIS. Alcoholic test pilot with severe father issues gets plucked by alien power ring which tells him he has the ability to overcome his fear -- end with fight against alien blob the size of the Grand Canyon. As long as Cruise ain't Jordan, I'm in.

Frank Miller's Daredevil run -- My profound thanks to you. Awesome -- even though it somehow led to Bennifer II and its progeny.

And of course, my personal Bat-saga:

Year One
Year Two: Fear the Reaper (with outstanding McFarlane Bat-shots)
Death in the Family
Lonely Place of Dying
Robin: A Hero Reborn
Knightfall (Volumes 1 and 2)
The Long Halloween
Dark Victory

Sorry so long.


Andrew Ironwood said...

You know, I'm certain I bought that particular issue of Batman when it first came out -- need to go back into the storage room and check the collection (good thing for my wife I've never given our exact GPS coordinates on the interwebbie-hootchiejobber, eh?...)

Kid Sis said...

Hey now, it's got to be the ORIGINAL ARTWORK....any ol' geek like me has multiple copies...

Charles, what's the guestimate price. $8,000?

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Is that Issue No. (No. 334) correct? I looked on ebay, and I kept seeing different covers for that number.


Kid Sis said...

Bat 324, 1980.

I was seven, and bought it at the drug store on the way to Sea Ranch. I had been reading my brother's Avengers (CAREFULLY) but had never purchased my own.