Thursday, July 07, 2005

Comic Con

Mom's Cancer just received an amazing review by my cyberfriend Otis, the talented comic creator of Oddly Normal. Getting really nervous about the Eisner Awards. And if you're planning on going to Comic Con, let me know so we can try to meet somewhere. As long as the hotel situation works out, I'm going Thursday through Sunday morning. Otherwise I'll just be there Friday at the con, and Friday night at the Eisners.


Patrick said...

Otis, that is one of the best reviews I've ever read for any medium of storytelling. Elizabeth, I wish you, Brian, Mom and the rest of your family the best of luck at the Eisners. Mom's Cancer doesn't deserve to be categorized as "Best Digital Comic". It deserves best overall story. Brian utilizes sequential art to the fullest extent possible and deserves to be rewarded for doing so. Waiting until next Spring for its publication in book form is going to be absolute torture. Will mom be able to make it to the ceremony? If Brian wins(I really want to think positively and say "when" here!!), I think it would be wonderful to see your family accept the award together. Let us all know what happens. I live too far away to attend the convention, but hope to do it at some point in the future. Bye for now.

Kid Sis said...

We're trying really hard to get her there. The plan right now is that we would check her out of the rehab hospital for the night, not tell them where we're going, and wheel her on down to San Diego!

Fingers crossed.

Not sure if Bri really wants us there or not, but the Fies women are planning on going. I'm at Comic con anyway, and Brenda and mom just want to be there. It's such a huge thing for our family.

Wasn't his review wonderful?

Thanks for your support, Patrick!

American Knight said...

Best of luck to your family at the Con. I'll be there Thursday night until Saturday night or Sunday morning and at the Con Firday and Saturday.

Kid Sis said...

Bri was worried about my comment about being at the Eisners...what I mean is I'm not sure he wants a whole row of his family staring at him in case he's making the "I'm so happy that other asshole won" face. It's enough pressure already for a guy not that comfortable with public recognition. And it's certainly a tough category.

We're still short two Eisner tickets...Charles Yoakum is trying to come up with them, but thought I'd throw it out there in case any of you have a spare?

Moses said...

Best of luck at the Eisners. And have a ton of fun.

MoDigli said...

An amazing, and well-deserved, review!
This is such an exciting time ~ I'm feeling anticipation for you. :)

Enjoy every moment at the comic-con and awards ceremony!

Kid Sis said...


Jessica said...

Okay, I suck. I haven't commented in ages. :)

I'll be at con, the entire time. I'm actually not just an attendee this year, though. I'm exhibiting with the San Diego Star Wars Society.. So I get special exhibitor badge and am working a few hours a day at either our fan table or the booth Jeff Parks is letting us share with him.

This year I won't just be randomly wandering the entire time. Hehe. I'll have a base of operations at the fan table. So, would definately be cool to meet somewhere.

Neil said...

My wife is a breast cancer survivor and we've both attended meetings at the terrific Wellness Community in Redondo Beach (there's one also in Santa Monica and others worldwide). I can't wait until this book comes out, so I can give a copy to their library.

Kid Sis said...

Jessica, sounds good!

Neil, that is so great! That makes me really, really happy, as I'm sure the Wellness Community will be. Thanks! I can't wait either.