Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Vote Now!

Received the Mom's Cancer postcards yesterday that fate thwarted us from passing out at Comic-Con. The front is the proposed book cover.

So what do you all think? Would you buy this book for yourself if you picked it up in a store? Would you buy it for a loved one with cancer? It may be too late, but I thought some feedback from people who already love Mom's Cancer could be helpful to Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Also, please contact me if you're interested in distributing postcards in your community...Brian has a ton of them left, and it's never too early to spread the word. I'm going to drop some off at my local comic shop and Mom's hospital today.


Lynne said...

love it.

(see comment in posting below)

Lis - I love your new headline artwork. I love seeing the photos of all of you. The book, and your blog let people see the real people who are touched by Mom's Cancer.

(I even watched you video 'Offbeat Girlfriend") (funny!)

amanda said...

Absolutely. Send me some - I'll give them to my mom to bring to her oncologist's office.

I'd be thrilled to do whatever I can to promote this book.

Email me at ab@willcenter.com for my mailing address.

Christina said...

Hi Dearie:
Excuse me but that guy should be more than you "friend," if ya know what I mean.

I finally got registered in the classes I need. It will be just as tedious a schedule as I'm in now...MTW 5:30p-9:50p and Sat morn 8:00am-12:00. A 50 mile commute on way from work. Can I say more?

Kid Sis said...

No really, my friend is gay. Have you met Michael? That isn't him in the picture. But I did find out yesterday he used to strip.

Soooo sorry about the schedule. Hope it's over fast.

Kid Sis said...

Amanda and Lynne, thank you!

A, I forwarded your email addy on to Brian so he can write you.

Lynne, could you send my your email addy again? Sorry.

Lynne said...


nicholasjcoleman said...

I like the postcard...

Paul said...

Personally, I think the illustration on the card is awesome. I'd def. pick it up.

thecoolestblog said...

Cool blog and cool message

Joan & Jackie said...

Hi Liz,
Send us all the postcards you'd like. I've plenty of resources here at the company and in the South Florida biz community where I can have them distributed if that helps. Send an email to Matt the IT guy at mattc@catalogs.com for our address.

Also, I used the front picture of the postcard on my blog if that's ok.


Anonymous said...

Not bad at all. Don't know if I recall that particular one from the strip.

Personal choice: would have used the image of your mom figuratively cut in half in the first episode, but that's jsut me.

Please let Brian know he can certainly call on me if he needs any legal help/ consultation.


Patrick said...


Your blog heading has a beautiful picture of your family in both photographic and cartoon versions that I think would make a wonderful cover. I also think that Lynne is right in that the originally proposed cover illustration sets the proper tone for Mom's Cancer. Lynne, you are so, so right in stating that life is sad as a given.

Brian, do you think you'll write and draw any more pages to be included in the book? I'm thinking transitional scenes and maybe a where are they now section tacked on to the ending? Not that the book isn't good enough as is, I'm just curious.

Elizabeth, please send me a postcard at the following address as I'd like a physical keepsake of our online friendship.

Patrick Herman
5429 Meredith Drive Apt. #2-F
Portage, MI 49002

e-mail: patrickh69@yahoo.com

Kid Sis said...

Lynne, thank you! forwarded your addy to Big Bro.

Coolest Blog...Groovy! Thanks for the thumb's up!

Paul and Nicholas, relieved to hear it.

Joan, thank you so much for the postcard distribution and for the blog mention!!!!!

M, interesting choice...beautiful drawing, but similiar in tone. So the publisher's choice is right up your alley.

Patrick, you got it. And I love that photo of the family, too. I'm sad they decided not to include it or any other photos to keep the book more anonymous and accessible...it would have been amazing to walk into a bookstore, flip open a copy and see that cover in the back. And then steal it. J/K.

Warren said...


I could distribute copies in Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and Echo Park, if that helps. You can reach me at warren@screenwritinglife.com.