Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Check out Brian's post about the Eisners.

If you're a comics fan and haven't subscribed to Warren Ellis' Bad Signal email list, go gets on it!

Sorry about James Doohan. Poor Star Trek - it's been a tough year. At least Shatner got another Emmy nom. Now if they would just bring back his damn show...


MoDigli said...

LOL! I thought this post was ganna be written for/about me. hahah...

I know, I know... It's not ALL about ME!

ha ha ha!


Matt Reynolds said...

Congratulations on your success. I love comic books but haven't bought any in a while. My favorites were stuff from Fantagraphics like Love and Rockets, Hate, Eightball. I also liked Joe Matt's Peep Show and almost anything by Robert Crumb. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any recommendations...

Kid Sis said...

I friggin' adore "Alias" by Bendis. Absolutley hands down looove. His "Powers" is pretty great, too. Shame about killing the Avengers. But these books make me hate him a little less.

"Fables" and "Queen and Country" are solid. Hard to go wrong with "Blue Monday" or "League of Extraoridary Gentleman."

If you were a Doctor Strange fan or liked Perez's Wonder Woman run, you might enjoy the strange mythology and "Promethea."

What else...check out our blogging friend Otis' Oddly Normal. Free issue posted there.

Not sure what you're definition of a while is...if it's been 7 yearsish, then get the Sales/Loeb Batman graphic novels. They're all pretty fabulous. "Hush" "Catwoman: When in Rome" are recent, "Long Halloween" and the older ones are probably even better. Though I'm a huge Catwoman fan when they do her.

Of course, "Kingdom Come" by Waid/Ross and "Marvels".

These are my current favs. Really though, if there was one thing I could hand you, it would be "Alias." In honor of Jessica, I'll say it...FUCKING brilliant.

Kid Sis said...

I effed up:

If you were a Doctor Strange fan or liked Perez's Wonder Woman run, you might enjoy the strange mythology OF "Promethea."

Now that sentence makes sense. It's more Alan Moore weirdness, chanelled straight from the snake god, I'm sure.

Oh hey now, thought of another. Ellis' "Global Frequency."

Kid Sis said...

Here's Frank Miller's Batman Year One script.

Kid Sis said...

"Starman," too.

Anonymous said...

God bless the man who taught us all how to be miracle workers... by inflating our work estimates by 300%.

Prayers and best wishes to his family.

Gotta respect any Star Trek alum who lived that long while wearing a RED SHIRT on the original show...

Captain Kirk: "Ensign Target, Lieutenant Bullseye -- check out that mysterious cave where all the bubbling noises are coming from. I'll stay here with Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and the other regular cast members."

Peace, and eternal life, Scotty.


Anonymous said...

Hey, can you email me the Frank Miller Year One script to my home email (the pacbell addres)?



Kid Sis said...

You got it, Mark.

This is the first year I haven't been in a red shirt for my driver's license picture. My way of saying Eff the Man.

Ah, eventually all the Red Shirts go...

Anonymous said...

Gosh, who else was on that crew?

Ens. Target?
Lt. Bullseye?
Yeoman Cannon Fodder?
Ambassador Fishinbarrel?

Yep, this is what a person comes up with when the wife's in Greece and the kids are asleep.


Patrick said...

Kid Sis,

Have you tried Desolation Jones by Warren Ellis and J.H. Williams as yet? It's quite trippy. I think both creators are doing some of their best work here. As much as I enjoyed Promethea, it could be a chore to read through, most especially during those times when I allowed multiple issues to pile up. Desolation Jones is challenging, yet much more accessible.
I second your reading suggestions Matt. Starman is a particular favorite of the ones mentioned. James Robinson and various artists just get the reader so emotionally involved. I would also say that DC/Vertigo is putting out some fine titles accessible to the new reader. Y: The Last Man and Fables are the ones that most trip my trigger for the moment. Matt, I would suggest buying what you can in trades so that you have a full story in front of you. David Lapham's Stray Bullets and Tom Beland's True Story, Swear to God are quite good as well.
So Kid Sis, what is your opinion of Bendis on The Pulse, House of M and his current run of Avengers? His Spider-Woman Special is due to ship next week. We'll talk more about comics once I'm not so tired. Glad you opened this line of dialogue though. Bye for now.

Matt Reynolds said...

Kid Sis and Patrick,

Thanks for the suggestions... Stray Bullets, that's a favorite of mine but I never got to read the end of it because I was in Japan. I heard Dave Lapham had a deal to write a movie for Miramax a few years ago, does anybody know if anything materialized?

Thanks again for the suggestions.

Patrick said...


David Lapham is STILL publishing Stray Bullets with no actual end in sight. As he's only on issue #38 at this point, it should be an easy one to catch up on. David is also near the end of his run on Detective Comics and on the second issue of a five book Daredevil vs. Punisher mini-series. Hope you can afford all of the books we're suggesting to you.

Bye for now. Sincerely,