Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Cowboy Up

Ambulance is coming at seven pm to take Mom to the ER. I will print out your comments for her (as always).

I had a thought...if any of you want to send her written mail, send it Attn: Elisabeth Fies, Shero Media Inc. 7510 W. Sunset Blvd. #139 Hollywood 90046

Just keep it rather light and peppy. She's come out of tailspins before, so fingers crossed.


ronnie said...

God. So much can happen so fast. We are sending you everything we can - white light, prayers, love, hope, good energy, everything. Especially love, love, love, love love. And hope.

much love,

ronnie, Husband and family

American Knight said...

Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I know I've heard the 'cowboy up' reference, I just can't remember from whence it came.

Oh, no matter. Call if you need anything that CC and I are even remotely capable of providing,a nd we'll come running/ calling/ emailing/ ordering for delivery thereof.


Christina said...

As the candle still burns,
no one can turn,
from the beautiful spirit,
of your mother.