Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hero Update

A friend of mine suggested a playdate for Hero and her dog Max last Sunday. They are the same size and age, so we were hoping they would get along.

She wanted to take me out for my b-day lunch, and suggested bringing the dogs and going to Boystown. So the two of us were walking our little dogs on Santa Monica Blvd past Rage, and everyone's stopping to gush over them and tell us how cute they are. Hero was eating it up. He's not that used to being out with all the traffic and strangers and noise, but he got to like it fast. We were told by a nice couple to go to the Abbey because we would totally score free drinks because of the dogs...which is a whole angle that had never occurred to me before. But the Abbey was playing loud music, so we settled instead for an outdoors New York style pizzaria. Yummy.

It was such a beautiful summer day, and it made me realize several things. I miss the social aspect of walking in NYC. Must get out of my car more in LA. Realized I can't wait until Sharri moves up to LA so I can hang with her more often. And, it was definitely confirmed that Hero has a future in greeting cards and public appearances.

So yesterday I took his photo in to a lithograph shop. Felt a bit like an a-hole, because everyone else in there was an actor, and I was ordering reproductions of my freakishly photogenic dog.

Had 500 color 8x10s made for Mom to pass out at Comic-con or wherever. If you're going to be there, make sure you hook up with me so you can have your very own glossy of Hero.


Anonymous said...

What y'all need is a paw-print stamp and inkpad! (You know, like his autograph.) Bet they sell 'em at Michael's.

Just a thought. Always looking for that new angle with Hero. I'm telling ya, a Star is Born.


Brookelina said...

He'll be the new Mr. Winkle!

Brookelina said...

By the way, did you read my blog about my hero?

Anonymous said...

I saw this on the Onion, NP, and I just had to share:

Shape Magazine Declares July 'Let Yourself Go' Month

WOODLAND HILLS, CA -- Shape, the women's fitness magazine, has officially declared July "Let Yourself Go" Month. "You've toned those abs and burned the flab in time for bikini season... Now it's time for a meatball sandwich," wrote Shape editor-in-chief Barbara Harris in her "From The Editor" column. "Come on, live a little. Don't be a tight-ass with a tight ass. Eat, lounge, and slouch your way to a happier, more satisfied you." Features in the issue include "Girth Equals Mirth: Six Sure-Fire Techniques For Broadening That Belly," "Wrinkles: The More You Have, The More You've Lived," and "Reduce Unwanted Stress By Not Giving A Fuck."

Not giving a fuck? I'm there, dude. Tooooootally.


Paul said...

I will be at Comic-Con. So I will take one of those off your hands!

Kid Sis said...

NN, we're totally on the same wavelength! Only Nurse Sis keeps insisting we should dip him in ink and let him run over a bunch of 'em. Uh...and who cleans that up?

BR, totally! Only cuter! Yes, I read your Hero story. Very scary/touching.

NN, every month around here is I Don't Give a Fuck! Thanks...LOL!

Kid Sis said...

Paul, right on! Cool site, btw.

I'm posting my email addy in my personal section,just from now until Comic-con is over.