Monday, July 04, 2005


Just getting around to posting my B-day photos...more to follow soon. If you're looking for an update on Mom, go to her blog. Hope you're all a tad sunburnt and hungover - just the right amount!


Anonymous said...

love the pics, and the scene of the crime looks like a fantastic place to have get-togethers

Anonymous said...

Ooh, lovely! I heart the Standard.

Hope you had a good time at the beach. Did you go swimming? Surfing?

How's Hero, btw?

Me, I was here working most of the day... BAAH! Sick to death of this crap. Can't wait to be done. But we did do some serious eatin' yestereve. Yumm.


Kid Sis said...

MQ, it is! Except for the part where they wouldn't divide our bills...still mad at them about that. But it's a beautiful sunset, and the inside bar is cool, too. Plus the crowd skews more sophisticated and older than most of the strip.

NN, I had their salmon tandori again. Yum. Hadn't had it since last summer with you.

Ummm...I got food poisoning and spent Sunday/Monday near a toilet. But I heard some fireworks from Mom's hospital room. Hero's okay, happy go lucky as usual but missing mom. He's stuck with the snow cone on his head for another two weeks. I was thinking of posting a pic of him with it. So funny. What movies did you and A rent? We saw hitch. It was okay. I'm just sick of predictable studio flicks.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- fireworks near a toilet. Beats my mystery insect bite situation.

We watched the Sea Inside and House of Flying Daggers on DVD. Both were pretty good. The game of echo -- wow! What a scene.

Oh, and we saw Ocean's Twelve, because A has a thing for Mr Pitt. (I'm serious.) *That* movie was awful. Even when accompanied by copious amounts of junk food: chips, cookies, and chocolate-covered Dove bars.

Poor Hero. At least he's okay.


Anonymous said...

food poisoning, oh no...what was the offending item that ended up down your throat (besides your finger after I mean)

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that she's bulemic? Gross! And not true!(Right?)

Plus, there's no way a finger down her throat could affect her ass! Duh!

I think you should post a pic with Hero in the Helmet. I'll bet he'd manage to make it look goooood. That dog is crazycute.


Matt Reynolds said...

Happy B-Day!

Brookelina said...

I went to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Wow. I actually didn't know who I was drooling over more.