Friday, July 01, 2005

Brenda the Cockroach Slayer

Poor Nurse Sis is freaking out over the random roaches that pop up about once a week in our house, always in different places. They use those effective terrorist tactics so that you're always on the edge of your seat, waiting for them to drop on your arm. So she cowers on the kitchen counter, nursing her broken ankle with our Dyson "never loses suction" vacuum firmly in hand. My hero.

When we shopped for a house, I was poo pooed every time I mentioned ancient neighborhoods infested with roaches and how you can't get rid of who has the last laugh? Of course, I'd rather be sleeping well than throwing my head back in insane criminal-minded glee. A radioactive cockroach could fall in to my gaping mouth, and then I really would be a supervillain.


Anonymous said...

roaches?...I don't need no steenking roaches!. I had a year of roach nightmares here, dealing with a ripoff Orkin service, self squirting each week so now my left arm will probably dry up to a stump, screaming after reaching for the toast and seeing a new one on the wall. I thought these suckers only came out in the dark? We get them during the day sometimes

Kid Sis said...

Oh my, our roaches don't see time...they exist on another plane of existance. The Brazen Zone.

MoDigli said...

ewww....roaches! They put me in a panic. Should I tell you that once I heard that roaches will eat your eyebrows while you are sleeping!?? ... oops. I just told you.

Seriously, though. I don't know if that's an urban legend or actual truth. But I heard once as a kid, and have been terrified since. Besides they're gross anyway.

Anyone ever hear of this?

Kid Sis said...

Modigli, damn you!!! It was bad enough thinking they were going to crawl up my nose and I have to worry about awakening to no eyebrows???? Quick, someone tell me it isn't so!

MoDigli said...

LOL!!! Up your nose, okay. UP YOUR BUTT, THOUGH???? .... LOL!!!

s o r r y !

Maybe you could sleep with a little night light. They fear light, you know.

Dave said...

I had one cockroach confrontation in my LA apartment. It was something like the squirrel sequence in Christmas Vacation. The roach was a three incher at least -- and highly aggressive. It charged at me! I lost track of it in my closet at one point, and SO like a movie scene, turned to come face-to-face with it on top of my dresser. That was the moment I discovered I could, in fact, scream like a little girl. I eventually bagged the bug, but was left in a toxic fall-out zone from the can of Raid I had emptied in my attempt to zap it.