Friday, September 26, 2008

Two fun facts

A girlfriend of mine just had her first baby. Rad chick. Down to earth, smart as a whip, won't take your BS: basically at home in a Lubitsch movie or "His Girl Friday." Her hubby is equally wonderful and terminally smitten...the wonderful term from "The English Patient" was uxorious. He fell for her when he read on her eHarmony profile that she was "Passionate about Ranch Dressing."

She went into the hospital last night at 9 pm and popped baby William out at 10:24 pm. Holy crap! I think we came preeeetty close to that baby being born in taxi cab. Figures, since she's a screenwriter!

Second fun fact? She's in the 35 and over crowd, and they stamped all her natal paperwork these last nine months with "Elderly."


Sorry. Just had to say it again. Elderly.

Another awesome fact to add to my "I'm not having kids and you can't make me" argument file. :)


Anna said...

I had a baby at 39 - my files were marked "AMA" - Advanced Maternal Age!

Kid Sis said...