Monday, September 15, 2008

Frankly, my dear

Ohhhhh I've got V for Vendatta on right now, when Hugh saves Natalie from gangrape by the cops. I forgot how good this tale is. Joy!

Listened to a disheartening conversations between friends today. Political, of course. I no longer see the point. I know no one who has ever changed their point of view. So why all the philosophizing, as if anyone heard each other?

I'm going to some good friends' wedding in October in Italy, and am trying to figure out visiting Prague again. Still have an open invitation from Jen and her daughter Coral to visit, though I hate to intrude on them for too long now that I'd be a house guest instead of a housesitter. Plus it's already been two years since I've been, and I hate to get that close to a Paris meal or visiting Lisa in Glastonbury and not going...we shall see. I am seriously going to be checking out Europe as new home.

The one-two punch of hearing the hopeless political discussion and viewing the vapid, embarrassing, sickeningly materialistic representation "The Women" today has kicked back in my need to find a country where I belong. It's certainly not anywhere that would elect one of our choices, and seeing as there's 50/50 chance (or more if you distrust Diebold machines...)

My life lesson this month has been learning not to care what other people think of my art. Good or bad, their opinions can't sway me as an artist. I have to nurture the stength to listen to my inner muse, even in making a movie that takes an army to create it. I'm still the visionary; the buck stops here.

Writing reviews on Netflix has been instrumental in drilling home that there is a movie for everybody, of every intelligence level and background. All movies are relevant. It's a subjective art. Name a movie and you can find someone on Netflix who loves it, and someone who hates it. Passionatetly. And for personal, moral, and political reasons. To read diatribes against films my friends have made, that I've been proud to work on, and some genius pieces that I wish I'd worked on is desensitizing me to the criticism.

It's good to get a thick skin now, before it's my heart on the bigscreen (Be it fiction, memories from my childhood, or last words Jeremy said to all bleeds the same when judged.). And it's apropos to my apprehension about the results of the election. Come what may, I need to live my life daily in a manner that stands for what I believe in and expresses my soul. However and wherever that may be.

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