Monday, September 22, 2008

Other plans in motion

By the way, I'm simultaneously working on several plans. We shall see which one the universe endorses.

Operation: Sellout. The Gersh agent currently reviewing Pistoleras sells it, we sell The Commune with a profitable distribution deal, and I get to travel the world working on my next batch of empowering screenplays and novelizations and microbudget movies. Meet my partner and have a lot of sublime sex and learn all about what he's into and support his dreams, too. Oh I reaaaaally want to sell out!!

Operation: Hollywood. The Gersh agent currently reviewing Pistoleras signs me and I become a screenwriter for hire for production companies, on the path to landing my dream job of feature script doctor. And I get WGA health insurance! And probably many months a year I can still travel, and freedom to live within a few hours of LA. Direct Pistoleras myself. Become mini Tarantino with boobs.

Operation: Burger King. I get six roommates in North Hollywood, an assistant management job in fast food, continue writing spec screenplays and blogging for free before and after double shifts.

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