Friday, September 19, 2008

Help me choose

I can't afford them yet, but coming up in the next two months I'm going to have to get new glasses. Because it's finally dawning on me that though I have four pairs including my sunglasses, I haven't actually bought a pair since before 9/11. Making my lens prescription...old. So...yeah. Oops!

Since I keep my frames for eight or more years and never wear contacts and frames are only supposed to be worn daily for 1-2 years... might as well get a new frame to spice things up.

Oh, and Jose at the wonderful store Gogosha is going to make me a "face of the day", which will be a nice little plug for The Commune!

Lets see what you think of the choices. You've never shopped with me before, so here are the rules:

No labels. Impeccable cut/fit and materials. I like a story behind the item (All but one of these frames are handmade in Toulous by citizens who only make glasses.).

The unbreakable rule that requires some looking: it has to be pretty/lovely on me.

The last criteria is more open-ended and fun to interpret. That's to find a personality match: bold, soft, easy, chic.

That's me in a nutshell; everything I buy matches the above or it can't be on me. Now you get to vote on the pix:

(It is me fresh out of the shower with wet hair, sans makeup or bra...Though I enjoy dressing up, this is my most frequent look for working at home/rolling out of bed. If my future guy partner is out there grooving to authentic me, then hey, we should talk...Oh but also, please imagine my eyebrows are plucked and have that Selina Kyle arch going like they do here.)

Choice 5:

Choice 5 sideshot:

Choice 4:

Choice 4 sideshot:

Choice 3:

Choice 2:

Choice 2 sideshot:

Choice 1:

Whaddya think? I can only get one :(

I don't want to influence you with knowing the prices. Right now I have a frontrunner, and it's the cheapest! That's a first...


Cheryl said...

I love choice #5 (first pair). They frame your eyes without cutting them off along the top and the width looks right for your face. The side is interesting but not heavy.

Kid Sis said...

Thanks for the vote, Cheryl!

Man, I didn't think of how tricky that's going to be for everyone. The #5/#1 thing. Dangit.

See, Blogger always posts pix in descending order, which means 1 ended up on the bottom and I was too lazy to do the math backwards in my head, or cut and paste, so now you're all going to have vote specifically like Cheryl did or it will be nonsense.

Man. I guess I am kind of high maintenance, in a really offbeat and irritating way.

Marty Nozz said...

I like number 3 with number 5 as a close seconds. I think they work better to accent your features. The others kinda say 'look at my glasses'.

RKBentley said...

I'd go with #3.

Cheryl said...

It's clear which one is which so I wouldn't worry about it. Do I get points if I picked the cheapest?

I had the same New Specs Dilemma a month ago; old glasses I'd been wearing for three years were looking worn around the edges (dropping them in the sink and knocking them off the side table when my alarm went off didn't exactly help). New pair happen to be designer, but the old pair were purchased because they were shiny and red. I've worn new expensive pair...hmm, lemme think. Twice? Maybe? I think someone will have to pin me down and forcibly remove the old pair from my face before I let them go. I'm not ready to retire them to the Great Glasses Case in the sky just yet.

shrinking indigo said...

I think my preference is choice #3. (In the middle either way. Heh.)

You didn't show a side view, but I assume that's because it's not too ornate.

The rounded shape is very flattering on your face.

Andrew Ironwood said...

I like #3 best (and not because it's the same number either direction [grin]...)

Kid Sis said...

Wow, a frontrunner. Unexpected! I've also had an email vote for choice #1 (last pair).

Well, looks like I can't go wrong...

Meg, excellent side view pic on #3 one AND it's basically the same as choice #4 and not too ornate.

Kid Sis said...

Cheryl, not the cheapest ;) That would be choice #1.

Interesting...the frontrunner you guys love is now across from the pic of me with Carrie Fisher on the blog, and I'm noticing the shape is abstracly similar...THAT'S the pair I wore for seven years every day until they broke off of me on The Commune set...

Isn't that funny Cheryl, I was the exact same way. Also non-designer ;)

When I love, I am fiercely loyal. Even to inaninimate objects. Thus the need to choose wisely.

Hugo Fuchs said...

Choice #3 is the best of the bunch.

Kid Sis said...

Wow. Guess I'm glad I asked, since the clear winner was my third choice! Yikes!

#3 is expensive, but it's also the lightest and best constructed. No screws, amazing light material, andd completely indestructible. The guy squashed them in the store to show me. So maybe I'd get 16 years of use, hahahah.

My first pick was actually choice #5. I went in looking for the sultry naughty secretary look, but my face was too petite for any of the frames pix I brought in. Then we ended up going through the whole store. I think #3 is a great everyday choice.

Kid Sis said...

By the way Hugo and Screenwriting hack, added you to my blogroll! (I have the rest of you already...unless I messed up, in which case let me know!)

Raquel said...

I definitely like #3, of course, look great on you and have the wonderful cat-eye shape that suits you. I like #4, too, the shape is interesting. There's an article on this in the August Oprah magazine; for heart-shaped faces they recommended semi-rimless or butterfly shaped frames to minimize the width across the top of the face; specifically Salt optics "Heidi", Anne et Valentin "Parole", and Vera Wang "V150"... don't know if that helps--can't believe how expensive their recommendations are...

Kid Sis said...

Lady, you're just fucking spooky.

I believe two of those frames are anne et valentin, and I only found that haute line in one store in LA: Gogosha. They carry THE hardest to find, made to order, limited edition, blind nuns in Beirut and Angelina's orphans make 'em eyewear.

If anyone is looking for Salt, as far as I know only LA Eyeworks carries them, and I didn't try on any that worked for me.

See, I would have picked #4 over #3. But clearly I'm wrong, which is why I asked!!

To give away my hard-one chicness...Eyeframe winner #3 is made in Berlin by Mykita. It is stainless steel, even lighter than my 2.5, and has nothing on it that can break. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the grey color, but it is a good everyday pair.

Kid Sis said...

By the way, thanks for picking up on the heartshape face dilemma!

I'm extremely limited in my choices. Pretty much HAS to be pillow, butterfly, or cateye shape (actually a slight variation on the oversized round John Lennon glasses work too).

If you saw the other choices on me you'd see why. They look terrible. Plus, with the sorrowful Paul Mcartney slanted-down puppy dog eyes, I have to have lift at the edge or I look super strange. At least the two issues dovetail together with the same solution.

But THEN you add the petite face issue, and voila! The only thing that fits are $400-$600 frames. I suppose ammortized out, not that big of a deal.

But I hate that just like shoes, I can't walk into any store and buy 'em off a rack. No, my body always has to be difficult and demand couture I can't afford yet.

Kid Sis said...

In case anyone else is shopping, Choice #2 is Derome Brenner's Harlem 6, color C-08.