Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Unicorn chaser

You know, I did this post backwards. If you want to end feeling good, read bottom to top. More proof I'm a Commie to add to that government file. As if The New School diploma wasn't enough...

Thanks to the amazing MediaBistro for culling this heartwarmer from the LAT. Every once in a while humans do good by each other and help those who shouldn't have to ask.

Just been watching "The Office" again and saw the scene where Ricky Gervais tells his one black employee that Poitier is his all-time favorite actor. Sigh. Actually could hear Gervais's voice in my head as I read above that a student name Poitier was the only one to drop out... Excise that inner-racist, Lis. Or, you know, share with the entire world on your blog for penance.

What's up with LAT's pretentious spell-checker? Callused? Gantlet? Threw me out of the story. Spell like the rest of us, English-language hall monitor.

Congrats to Obama. FINALLY.

Oh, and that this story is considered a story rankles my progressive Continental Philosophy Marxist roots. I don't even know what to say about the label consumerism SATC promotes to the ladies as heaven. Except keep it up, and I'm moving to a second world country. Freaking embarrassment to third wave feminists. I'm all for having style and feeling good about yourself, but that's not what SATC advocates now, is it. Says the straight woman proudly standing without a husband, a career, a Fendi, in a size 12.

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Jake said...

Thats why you stand so proud because you have not got a husband (lol)Don`t give up on having a career - if you really want something you can have it.