Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Not There

A+ for creativity and balls. I admire the film, but the only section I was drawn into was Heath Ledger's gorgeous Bohemian lovestory. The rest left me out in the cold as a viewer. (Cate's fantastic, but has she not established she's always the best thing in any movie? That's a given.) I guess I'm clapping for the cleverness of using anti-establishment filmmaking technniques to describe mood and thought rather than facts about an anti-establishment folk hero.

Not entirely successful filmmaking, but hard to ignore or recommend against. How does one truly dissect the poetry of music? It either touches your soul or it doesn't. Completely subjective experience. I rarely give a 4 to a movie I don't ever want to see again ("Schindler's List" springs to mind), but here it is. See it and make up your own mind; the filmmaker and subject would be proud you exercised your brain and individuality.

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