Friday, June 27, 2008

The Happening

What the eff. We can't remember seeing a movie this bad.

Even if M. Night IS giving us all the bird, it's not smart enough to be a satire of his own work. It certainly doesn't succeed in the way that "Jay and Bob Strike Back" was brilliant, gave the bird to its own audience while gleefully taking their money, AND bankrolled the next step of his career out of making movies for tards. In contrast, M. Night napalmed himself with Eau l'incompetence and won't get another movie funded for ten years, and then will be off in Europe on digital...

Has he had a psychotic break? Become too distanced from society a la Lucas? Lost a silent creative partner he never credited? Become a bitter miscreant sociopath who STILL doesn't understand one thing about women?

Was the lion video a parody of Signs' alien video and The Holy Grail? Were the references to The Birds and Invasion OTBS meant to be...never mind. I can't even make the argument. There's only one logical choice.

The Shyamalan has out-Wooded Ed Wood.



That's the worst thing I've ever seen.

That movie was him picking up a gun and commiting career suicide onscreen.

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