Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Happening, take 2

Todd Miro, editor extraordinaire, has been farting out better twists and turns to "The Happening". Really great ideas. He's also been trying to subscribe satire intents onto it in a noble attempt to qualm the cognitive dissonance he's feeling. After all, in what universe can "The Happening" and "Sixth Sense" have been made by the same person? It hurts his head.

After two days of trying to give M. Night the benefit of the doubt, Todd just turned to me (we're in his awesome editing bay slaving away) and confidently declared:

"I've got it!! "The Happening" is CHUBBY RAIN!

Mystery solved. Normal life may now resume.

Ed Wood would be proud.

Look out for that wiiiiind!!! Oh noooooooo!!!!

M Night. K.I.T... Keep It Together.

We love you, babe. But you've lost it.

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