Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sydney Pollack

It's taken awhile for me to write this, because his death was yet another blow. Unlike most filmmakers of my generation, Mr. Pollack was a brilliant, well-rounded actor/director/producer who was fearlessly dedicated to telling complicated stories about the human condition, male and female.

Imagine that. Moviemaking for the sake of storytelling for the betterment of mankind instead of fame and money. Is it any wonder that I'm a Hollywood hermit? Or that with more deaths of greats each passing year and no one to take up their cause, I find less reason to be excited about being here and collaborating in this industry.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pollack and listening to him speak back in my UCLA undergrad days, and he was as inspiring in person as his ouvre has been over the years. He will be remembered, and missed, and homaged. He mattered.

A fine actor, from the same acting school as me. A real hero, warrior, defender of artists' rights. Fitting the DGA gave him the John Huston award.


Anonymous said...

Feel the same way you do about Sydney Pollack. Could not have said it better myself.


Josh said...

It's wonderful you posted this, Lis.

I was so sad about the loss of Pollack and also Harvey Korman within days of each other. Both were giants in their field.

It's weird to think that Tootsie was really the only outright "comedy" Pollack ever directed, as it's one of of the most nuanced and beautiful and sharp comedies not just of the 80s but ever. And his performance as the agent is stellar.

Anyway, wonderful of you to honor him with your post.

Kid Sis said...

Thank you Di and Josh! I'm so please you wrote.

I saw Harvey Korman perform some old Carol Burnett sketches a decade ago. That was a great night.