Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is it love or just Paris?


*The Cure's new song "The Only One." Feels like I'm in high school. In the good way. Seeeeexy lyrics and video link here. Yummy.

*Violent Femmes's awesome Morricone-esque cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. Feels like I'm in high...wait. What's going on here? Is it Freaky Friday the 13th?

*Ladytron's "Ghosts"

*Indie 103's free download of their entire smashmix show. The one from 6/13/08 roooocks. Check out "Paris is Burning", "Do Your Sister", "I Love My Disco Robot", "The Space and the Woods"...oh hell, the whole twenty minutes is highly pleasurable. Just skip over the clubby intro song. DJ Paul V., easy on the eyes.'s free!

*Missoni parfum, Badgley Mischka parfum. The originals, no recent variations. The first is a gourmand, the second a floral. Amaaaazing. Five stars from Luca Turin.

*Sephora's policy of giving you as many free perfume samples as you want :) They last forever. PS, you can read and take notes Perfumes: The Guide for free at whichever bookstore corporation you want to screw over, and THEN get your perfume samples for free...I learned I hate chypres and orientals, pretty much any classics made before 1985, and women who wear louds to restaurants or movie theatres instead of to bed with their boyfriends...very interesting...


*The last first half season of "Battlestar Galactica." I give it 2 stars out of 5. How the frak did THAT happen?

*That I'm already triple-booked for summer. How the frak did THAT happen?


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Paree...

Love tearing out perfume samples from magazines. Some people will thank us because they are allergic to perfume and will be happy we saved them the trouble.

Always fun to get samples from the perfume salespeople in nice department stores like Nordie's or Saks 5th Ave. I act as like I belong there.

Triple booking for the that good or bad?

Ms. Looking forward to a gr8 summer

Kid Sis said...

I tend to be allergic to anything pre 1990, but can wear many of the softer concoctions after that...I have to be careful though, I'm fairly sensitive, unfortunately!

Haha, I act like I belong there too, and they seem to always appreciate that I'm "nice" and "don't wear makeup". Go figure!

Personally being overbooked stresses me out! I'm always letting someone down.

Have an awesome summer!!!!!

Fun Joel said...

Ray LaMontagne has an awesome, and in my opinion better and more original cover of "Crazy." If you haven't heard it yet, let me know and I'll email it to you!