Thursday, June 12, 2008

Absolutely delightful

Around the same time Shawna Benson found wine, I found perfume...two remarkably similar passions. However, mine costs considerably less, as the samples given away of my product can make it unnecessary to ever spend a dime.

Here is a witty Q & A with a lovely and erudite couple, shilling their new book "Perfumes: The Guide", which may make Luca Turin (the husband with the chemistry credentials; the wife is merely patholigically impassioned by the subject) the Robert Parker of perfumes. From the excerpts I've read already, the prose is as lyrical, fun, addictive, and inspirational as perfume itself.

What a grand, fun time LT and Tania Sanchez have together. Can't wait to share my life and work that way.

I have a sophisticated perfume collection myself, developed at first with the help of a wonderful saleswoman at Nordstrom who was thrilled to educate me, and then my own unquenchable curiousity. My signature scent is still Angel Violette (described in maestro Mugler's promo materials as "daringly elegant, unforgetable, bewitching, sensual") But I daily choose from my glittering bottles and store samples to pleasure myself. It makes me feel amaaaazing throughout the day.

I have to say also, in the same way that subscribing to Playgirl in college was a proactive choice to get me comfortable with the nude male form and rewire my brain to associate the visual with pleasure instead of the fear of a teenage girl, noticing scents has made me appreciate and approve of my own to a degree that I thought Catholic school had made impossible. It's nice to love me, too, and believe how much a man enjoys smelling me. I'm going to have a wicked grin on my face the next time a man begs to get between my legs.

From what I've gleaned from the Amazon book search capability, my two newest scents in rotation appear Luca Turin approved. Will be interesting to see their expanded reviews on:

1. Miss Boucheron (the second scent chosen for my personality by my Nordstrom guide, which had a terrible heart note on me last Novemeber...thankfully I am a packrat and kept the samples anyway, and have since found them to be intriguing. Don't forget, your body chemistry changes and you can always spray it on your sleeve instead of your skin if heat makes it repugnant on you.)

2. Bulgari pour femme (A classic, lovely gift from my producing partner, who felt the elegant and refined scent suited me).

Looking forward to earmarking and highlighting this book. Must go buy tomorrow.

By the way, here is a mean-spirited review that made me giggle:

Stupid name, pink perfume, heart shaped bottle. I half expected it to be really great just to spite me. But no, it's probably the most repulsively cloying thing on the market today.

I'm going to enjoy devouring this book.

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Shawna said...

I bought a candle (long story) and the company I bought from is also a perfumery and they sent me an abundance of samples. Have I got some stuff for you...!