Sunday, June 08, 2008

The $16 Whopper

Yesterday on the way to a meeting, I stopped at Burger King for nourishment. I know, I know. I'm not proud of the fact. None the less, there it is.

After being shocked that my bill was $7.02 for a bad-for-you "Value Meal", I pulled around and smartly handed the female cashier $22.02 She handed my two bills of change back to me at the same moment a cute guy appeared overzealously in the window and handed me by bag of steaming crap fast food. Masters of distraction. I remember in the moment thinking something was hinky about his manner.

Lo and behold, two hours later when I checked my wallet, the two bills were a fiver and a ONE.

Enjoy that tip, assholes. That was my food money for today.

I hate it when I get scammed in LA by fellow broke artists. I mean, my car is 14 years old for Chrissakes and I'm eating at Burger King. This is clearly not stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Here's an interesting scam I've noticed twice in the last month while out to meals on business meetings. The waiter doesn't bring back your change, giving themself a nice 40% tip and hoping you're too drunk or polite to notice. In both cases, the waiter then acts incredibly put out about bringing back our change, as if it is A) Impossible to do now and B) The request of a lunatic.

One waiter even tried to short change us AGAIN...We left him with a 5% tip, when if he'd played it straight all along he would have easily had 25%. Because, you know, we're nice people and we've been guilted by society into the responsibility of picking up the slack of paying liveable wages to employees so the restaurant corporations can continue giving bonuses to their CEOs. Why am I not living in Europe?

Um, we're ALL hurting from the USA recession and working our ASSES off. This bullshit pulled by my fellow humans is the last thing I need to be constantly on guard about in the big bad city.

Almost nothing rankles me more than ENTITLEMENT.
Fuuuuuuck that.


Josh said...

You're so right, Lis. No joke - I read they are starting to contemplate marketing extra GAS CAP PROTECTORS as more and more people are stealing from other cars' tanks. Oy.

My recent experience with the old Short Change Act was the following: I went to the trusty Wells Fargo ATM, withdrew some dinero (not to be confused with DeNiro) and walked across the street to Jamba Juice, where I ordered and paid with a crisp new 20. The dude gave me back change for a 10 and I just happened to notice. He argued I gave him a ten until I told him I literally just walked from getting 20s out of a machine and had no other denominations I could've paid him. All his typical Jamba employee chipperness melted away as he angrily gave me correct change.

It could have been an accident of course, but there's nothing like a recession (except it's still not a recession according to Dubya) to bring out the worst in people. Soon I'm afraid we'll be going all Mad Max post-apocalypse, with people selling gas and water in the street. And that's gonna suck because I've seen the fashion in those movies and I really am not looking forward to wearing a mohawk and leather chaps.

Anonymous said...

There's many reasons not to go to BK, unless you wanted to win that million in Indiana Jones gold-you oughtta tell CEO John Chidsey how you feel;(stamps only;no e-mail, no toll-free-ya think they know something?) (305)378-3535
because your problem is common;

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your experiences. Some people think hard times gives them the excuse to behave badly. I do not care if the next person has more or less money than I do. I always try to treat everyone with respect.

Had similiar experiences. I gave ten dollars for something that cost 3 dollars. I got a dollar change and this was a small juice bar. Not big chain. I insisted that I handed a ten dollar bill and the person gave me the correct change. This person looked at me as if it was a surprise I would notice. Perhaps I look stupid or something like this. Also, this person could have poor math skills. Who knows? After that, she always gave me the correct change. I think she knew I was watching. Some people really do not know how to count and lets the cash register do the math for them. Another experience....a date and I went to this "hippie" restaurant. I knew the small bites cost less than 20 dollars. My date took out his CC and I looked at the bill. It was 45 dollars. I told the waitress it was the wrong bill. Not only that, but she hit on my date. I saw she wrote her phone number on the 45 dollar bill. My date took out his cash instead of using the CC.

Wary of People who Short Change

Anonymous said...

P.S. About waiters who do not bring back change, did you ask them to bring back the change? Or is it a given that they are supposed to without you asking them? I heard several complaints that some people get annoyed if the waiter asks them if they want change? I always ask for change so I can pay for my parking, etc.

Remembers to ask waiter/ess for change

Lynda said...

Have you called the restaruant and talked to the manager. They could check to see if their numbers were off on the registers. Like any good business, the drawers should be counted out.

If the manager isn't helpful, ask to speak with the district manager.

It's a shame there is so much dishonesty in the world.