Saturday, June 21, 2008


2008 Football Quarterfinals. How have I lived so long not watching this sport?

Croatia vs. Turkey last night, Netherlands vs. Russia today...nail-biting games, and the men!!! I'm watching with Todd (Commune editor) on his amazingly beautiful HD TV and wow!!! They just pop off the screen in a throng of sweaty manly achievement accomplishment bliss. Siiiigh.

So lovely! And the announcers with their European accents are simply delightful. I feel pampered basking in all the testoterone!

Here's an intesting piece comparing human courtship rituals to the animal kingdom. Where's the bit where they pester you for sex, finally get to see you, and then ignore you on Myspace? Do baboons do that, or just jackasses? Huuuuge attraction killer. The opposite of that AXE commercial. It's Repulsion spray!

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