Saturday, December 01, 2007


All I want to do is go into my room, light a candle, put on some music and lotion, curl up with Jay to relax a little and fall asleep. Sublime.

But can I? No. Because my asshole neighbor is chainsmoking again, , filling my bedroom and hallway, relegating me to the tiny part of my living room where I don't smell the noxious cancer particles.



Sooooooo angry. It's so unfair. I don't want to die of cancer, I don't want to have this headache, I don't want to be paying $2500 a month to live in a place where I'm trapped all day long with your SECOND HAND SMOKE, YOU SELFISH FUCKING DESERVE TO DIE ENTITLED ASSHOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is my hammer, I am coming down there!!!!

I really think with the right lawyer, I'll get manslaughter and 8 to 10. Large Marge the Warden may even let me keep blogging if I get good at giving head.

God, if I'm getting 8 to 10, I might as well make it 15 and kill that fucking newborn next door, too. All women love babies my ass.


Kevin Church said...

Make sure you get your prison address placed on the blog so I can send you cookies with tiny shivs inside. Life on the inside is tough, kid, and having just seen Switchblade Sisters, I know that Chick Jail is especially brutal

spacemonqui said...

Given your personal history, I understand your frustration. Here ya go, it doesn't hurt this cause that a careless smoking tenant did about $600,000 worth of damage to my uncle's apartment house;

Kid Sis said...

Kevin, with you help I'm set! All ready now for rollin' thundar...

SpaceMonqui, stupid blogspot didn't post your whole addy...that happens sometimes. If you come back, would like to read the article! I can imagine. Hear the walls weep smoke for YEARS once a chainsmoker moves out. And yeah, personal history. Don't think I won't be playing THAT up to the judge..."But Ma'am, I never ONCE told my Mom off while taking care of her, and I kept it all modeled up and just SNAPPED at this anonymous neighbor...!"

spacemonqui said...

Sorry 'bout that kidsis, it's not about my uncle's apt house but rather, your dilemma a related story the lawyer for the cigar-smokin' guy in Palm Springs will NEVER be confused with Clarence Darrow;