Monday, December 10, 2007


I've been doing some online dating sites, and man it's frustrating...I'm talking with these great guys, but me not wanting to have kids is often a dealbreaker! Urgh! Yet another reason to mourn Captain Awesome.

I just can't honestly say I want to have kids in the the next five years. I want to fall in love and spend time with my guy and make movies. THAT'S my priority. Bringing kids into the mix, if you look at the statistics, kills the satisfaction in the marriage until they leave for college. And my interest is in the relationship being happy, fun, fulfilling, uplifting for both of us, making us both better people...and maybe after years of us loving each other and having a freaking blast, we can talk about the possibility of totally screwing it up by bringing another being into the mix.

See, the problem with all the marriage proposals I've gotten is the guys wanted to immediately inseminate me and stick me behind a white picket fence in the suburbs. But I'm a wild thing! I want to create and run free with my guy! I still want monogamy and love and passion, but I'm an artist. I would die in the suburbs and the PTA.

Blarg! There has to be another guy out there I have great chemistry with who wants to travel the world and save it, and make movies with me along the way. Someone who wants a loving loyal feisty sensual firecracker. Yeah. He's there. I can feel it. Pitt/Jolie without the munchkins.

Okay, keep an eye out for him. Here's what I'm manifesting:

To share my life with a partner. I want to meet that person I'll love for a lifetime. I'm looking to travel, work, play, and stay in bed for years with my guy.

What I'm looking for?

Top three? Social, happy, sweet.

Monogamous. Has chemistry with me. He's actively pursuing some avocation he loves - even if not making money at it yet. Supportive. We spur each other on in our respective creative ventures. Kind. Proximity, at least part of the year. Fun and quick to laugh. Genuine. Not hung up on materialism, popularity, surface. Strong and secure. Turned on by a dame with brains. Feminist. A foodie. Practices the golden rule. Romantic and gentle in bed. Always kissing me, and likes to hold hands. Wants to leave the world a better place. Not sure he wants kids. Loves to travel. Wants to be inspired to be a better man. Cherishes me. Is open and authentic with me. Believes in himself and gets pleasure from being a good man.

Dealbreakers? Smoker. Drugs. Alcoholism. In debt and not working on it. Doesn't want me as much as I want him. Discourtesy. Doesn't get along with my friends. Bad sex, or not enough good sex. Predictability.


Shawna said...

Don't quit until you get the right one. The odds are actually in your favor, especially if you stick to your guns.

I might join you in your quest next year...

Kid Sis said...

Whoo-hoo! Man shopping. So much fun!

I know one person who compares it to Marshalls or Ross discount shopping, looking for that one designer outfit in your size marked down....

Kid Sis said...

Not looking...sorting was the word used. I love that. You know how you sort through a rack. Same vibe and attachment. No, no no, try on, no no next...

Like Madeline Kahn in History of the World Part I!

Shawna said...

Weird/funny collusion of ideas...

So I have my company holiday party last Friday, and I bit the bullet and bought a dress. It's a very pretty dress, if I do say so, something I would have never looked at a few years ago, but I think I'm starting to open up a bit fashion wise.

Anyway, I was CONVINCED I needed a Red. Satin. Clutch. Purse. to go with this new ensemble. I searched 85% of the mall where I was shopping combing each possible store for aforementioned RSCP. Silver and Gold are the style this year for party type bags, particularly sequins, but I was set on what I wanted.

An hour into my search and literally ready to leave the mall, I found it.

And it was perfect.

Kid Sis said...

Whoo-hoo! Sooooo? Did doors open for you that night? :)