Thursday, December 20, 2007

Never a more perfect trailer?

The Iron Man trailer is... sublime.

Ahhhhhhhh. 34 years of giving my soul to Marvel, and it's been rewarded with compound interest. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh.

Robert Downey Jr. hardly had a bigger fan on the planet than Mom, and I was right there with her. He can do no wrong, and is doing all kinds of right in this trailer.

Best of all, I'm with my editor Todd while finish The Commune's fine cut, watching Iron Man on his 20k HD editing system.


(You should see his walls...Todd's home has some great comic art, and he's constantly pulling up Ebay to see what's available. Want an original X-Men #13 page for 20k? A pittance, really.)

Funnily enough, never a true shell-head. I always thought the Avengers geeks leaned towards Cap or Hawkeye, depending on their preference for sardonic or patriotic displays. And of course, I'm the ultimate geek...I was there for Wanda. Learned how to read on those 1970s Byrne and Perez Avengers so I could watch her defend the earth beside those bad boys, Stark included.

But I know Tony Stark when I see him, and that, my friends, is Mr. Tony Stark.

Thank Odin Cruise lost the rights.

May 1st. Midnght.

Avengers Assemble.


Kevin Church said...

Cool exec, heart of steel.

Dig it.

shrinking indigo said...


My mom loved him too.


Erik M. said...

Saw the preview at the movie theater the other night. Robert Downey Jr. easily one of the greatest actors working. I have to admit though I do need some more Tony Stark readin' in my life - any suggestions?

Kid Sis said...

KC, I see the self-loathing pan alcoholic myself. Brilliant casting.

SI, wow! Cool. Synchronicity.

EM, can't. But I can recommend Captain America Red Menace in trades.