Monday, December 10, 2007

Love is in the air

Have you noticed?

I was standing in line at Marshall's last night clutching the last of my Christmas shopping, watching all the love float around. Dads with their kids, friends bumping into each other, couples looking adoringly at each other. It's beautiful. Look for it. You'll see it. Everyone's so soft and open right now. Well, the healthy everyones. But they're in the majority, because it's all I see. And I live in LA.

There are many stories from the set I've withheld to protect the guilty, or because I haven't gotten around to it. Here's one.

We shot the majority of the film on a mini Commune/spiritual retreat center with an Egyptian theme. Which led to many misunderstandings, freakouts, and giggles from my early 20s male crew. Six of whom had to sleep in the attic of the Nesu house, the main production quarters (it was pretty awesome. Like college.).

So each room had an Egyptian theme or Goddess governing over the room. Against my judgement, I ended up with my own, which truthfully probably saved the production. And around the second night, my producer and script supervisor, the only other women, looked around my room and freaked out when they realized it was the teammate/love/soulmate room. I was surrounded by powerful, awesome couple images. If you know your feng shui like they did, they were convinced I wasn't getting out of fall without a boyfriend. They were concerned I was going to magnetize one onset.

That was the beginning of the beginning...realizing this powerful couple manifestation is just around the corner. Almost in my lap. Yea! Can't wait to be smiling and getting my hair stroked while standing in line at Marshall's.

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