Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Communal news

The first official trailer is up on our amazing editor Todd Miro's website...check it out! Will be on Youtube today or tomorrow, so wait to link to it/pass it on/add it to Myspace til then.

UPDATE: here's youtube:

Come by our shindig tonight...we have two hundred people coming! It's going to be like a wedding...with Cirque de Soleil performers! Only my dress costs more and is racktacular. :) Actually, come to think of it, this really is my wedding reception! Whoo-hoo! Thank god I'm an artist instead of a regular girl.

An even better reason to come tomorrow than staring at my boobs is we're premiering three scenes from the film...and they're spectacular! Man, I could pinch myself, The Commune is turning out so well. You don't even know the half of it.


Kevin Church said...

(I'm leaving this here when I'd much rather email you, so delete this if you want.)

I really, really like how tightly it's cut and the movie looks not bad at all.

My only suggestion is to not use the Papyrus typeface in any of the marketing materials. Using a font that many, many people have installed on their computers makes you look a*. The more broke your production/website/company, the better you have to look.

(The obvious example is Google - they can look like crap because they're Google. is not Google, so they have to look slick and spend money on ads.)

I think about this stuff way too much, don't I?

*Oddly enough, this doesn't apply with Helvetica because Helvetica is awesome, especially when leaded and kerned interestingly.

Kid Sis said...

My editor says "It's 'Ancient Text' not 'Papyrus' so there."

Ha ha. I had a similar problem with a website I'd paid money to have the "Dave Gibbons" font for.

Apparently some easy fonts ruin it for the whole family.

Kevin Church said...

Your editor and I may have to take it out back. I still don't like the look of it, I tell you what.

But hell, ain't mah movie.

Get in touch if you want help setting up the website and all that junk. No charge. Not for a homie.

Heartums said...

WOW. This looks great. My favorite things in the trailer: the shot with Jenny and Puck at the truck - the brook streaming by and the sunlight shining down, the fog filled night with Jenny running around (for good reason - it looks creepy as hell there!), and the shivers I got when Rhea said Jen would soon sync up with the rest of the commune folk! Congrats. Looks gooood.