Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bad medicine

My favorite part of rehashing the past in that Throw Up post is that now I get to go through all the fun rejection emotions AGAIN.

Seriously, god? I mean, WTF? How is this doing anyone on the planet any good, making me a non-functioning mess? I'm supposed to be the super hero, and I'm crying because no one loves me? Wonder Woman doesn't cry about that. Or Catwoman.

Scarlet Witch does, but she's a pussy. And the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe, so she just waves her arm and kills the men who reject her love.

*Grin* Feeling better.

Replaced rejection with good-old-fashioned guilt for momentarily wishing revenge and regret and loneliness on a loved one. I'm comfortable in guilt. Jewish genetics and Catholic gradeschool trained me well.

Maybe I can get dressed now.


Kevin Church said...

"No more dumb jerks" is totally the new "No more mutants."

Kid Sis said...

Oh ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looooooving, Kevin. Wow. Thank you for the Marvel-infused laugh!!!!!!

Kid Sis said...

Oh hey, just to be clear though the joke was clever as hell...

I don't subscribe to the notion that men are jerks, or are dumb for not wanting me to be their life partner :)

I gave up the right to castrate men in our society.

But thanks for coming to my rescue, Kevin.


Kevin Church said...

Oh, I know that. Not all men are jerks, but if Wanda had her way, there'd be like nine of us (oh, who am I kidding - nine of them) left and and and...I think I saw that movie on Cinemax once.

Kid Sis said...

I did too! Amazon Women on the Moon with Bill Maher!!!!!

Kevin Church said...

I knew I loved you for a reason.

Kid Sis said...

Hey, that was classy cinema compared to internet porn!