Friday, December 28, 2007


Shimmied into my sexy red silk slip and robe from Victoria's Secret, pulled on my Ugg boots, sipping my two buck Chuck red wine from Trader Joe's and am curling up under my super soft Pottery Barn blanket with my I am Legend book from Barnes and Noble.

Sometimes consumerism can be blissful, even for a would-be Socialist.

If I finish IAL, will move on to one of my favorite gifts received this Christmas: Eat Pray Love or David Lynch's book on Creativity.

Meanwhile, praying the kitchen gnomes work their magic on my dirty dishes. Oh, did I tell you my latest discover? Using beautiful dishes used to make me feel good, but now I've found that buying paper plates and forks at the dollar store and throwing the dishes into the recycling bin when I'm done makes me feel like a pretty pretty princess.

Not doing dishes? Priceless.

So sayeth the UBER Amazon.

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