Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Commenting problemo?

Are very many of you still trying to post and not being allowed to by the big bad Blogger site? I know Mark was having problems (still?) and now Ryan.


Well, I probably don't have as much traffic now during the holidays so here....

lisfie* at the g male

If you don't know what the asterisk stands for or if gmail is com or net, then I guess you can't write me. So there.

I'm going to do a comment back as a post, since this man coined "racktacular" for THAT dress (yesssss, people stared at my breasts throughout the auction, no they did not sell, no I was not comfortable with the attention. Though karaoking aftewards was a different matter.).

Lovable handsome Ryan has written me a fabulous email I'm still giggling over, and hopefully he'll enjoy seeing a few of his words here when he checks in again during Jury Duty.

"Oh yeah... I was going to comment on your blog that any guy who has read Pistoleras would think twice about getting in your face... and second... any guy who hasn't ready your screenplay after dating you for two months deserves to be dumped. Good call, sister."

You actually really stumped me. I could have sworn I was really careful about writing about this guy, and that the elements above weren't discernible. I checked back over my blog, and sure enough, infos not there. Ryan, are you psychic? Is this our sensitive emotional Cancerian connection working?

(What, gentle readers? Didn't think I was a Cancer? Oh yes, verily I live for taking care of family and loved ones and cooked meals at home with candles and movies, balls to bones. I just swear like Milch while I parsel (parcel? Parse? Parsnip? It's 4 am people!) out the cuddles and hand-holding and loves and Care Bear rainbows. I'm a toostie roll pop with a crunchy outside of Evil Dead and Tarantino, and a mushy hug-me-and-pet-my-hair-and-say-pretty-things-to-me inside.)

You're correct at all your clever reading between the lines, dagnabit. But seriously gee willickers, what did it take you to read Pistoleras, four days of knowing me? Brian, too. Two months is as far as I go, especially when several jobs being my right hand guy are attached to it...gotta prove yourself a match to watch my back on and off set. Hullo read flag.

Thanks for the email cutie, Sunday stands; I'll add more butter. Give 'em hell, Judge Dredd, I'll hope for the worst.

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HollywoodThresholdGuardian said...

I'd love to come back. If anyone has any questions.