Thursday, December 06, 2007

Study follow up

More results from the Great Dress Experiment:

1. Last Saturday from a woman, another "beautiful" and a "you look like Annette Bening. I can't believe you've never heard that before." She was so adament, I'm tempted to add Miss B to the Cylon #11 list. Though usually I wait to hear a comparison at least 4 times...In truth, I know I don't look anything like the queen of Hollywood. But it was totally the dress and perfume that earned the compliment, and I'll take it since AB should have been Catwoman, but dropped out of Returns because she freaking married Warren Beatty and was pregnant with the player's child. Any woman that powerful and insouciant, go right ahead and tell me everyday I'm like her...Love it. A true Catwoman.

2. Yesterday, shit you not, nanny in an elevator: "Bonita, so beautiful, when is the baby due?"


Okay, I'm going to chalk that up to my blisfully happy glow, since I'm down yet another half size.

Sadly, the remark caused Knocked Up to flash before my eyes...


The collective scream heard round the blogiverse.

Wow. Ladies, suicide or gouging your eyes out is always an option. Can't vote that away. Also, tossing yourself out a five story window could do the trick.

(Yes, I'm one of the MILLIONS of women* who think Apatow's "comedy" was more frightening and misogynistic than the Saw and Hostel franchises combined... I'd eff Screech's dildo on Pay Per View before I'll sit through another Apatow film starring Seth Rogen or any other ugly obnoxious unfunny mean unaccomplished dumb dude I'm supposed to be convinced can give shiksa goddess Katherine Heigl multiple orgasms (in the missionary position with chunky sweaty Seth?) and make her feel bad about her supermodel body while he eats pizza and is an unappreciative ahole. He's the Woody Allen 2000 model; instead of making Annie Hall laugh/happy, he makes jokes about her to his loser stoner friends and she grimaces and bears it cuz it's better than being alone. Efff you, Hollywood.)

3. Lady worker stepping off the elevator today all smiley, "Hi! Oh my, look at you! Excuse me, ma'am."

In general, the men are still aproaching with small talk more, holding doors, radiating respect, generously offering unsolicited help with much vigor and apologizing if their showing off/providing doesn't create results. Actually, they're adorable. Is there anyone more lovable than a man who drops everything to provide happiness for a woman?

Shawna, you gotta get in on this experiment. Let's go shopping!

EDITOR'S NOTE: What a poorly written / spelled post. Sigh. Sometimes I don't have the strength to open a new window for AGAIN.

* And Eric.


Shawna said...

Name the date, place and time. I'm so there. What kind of budget are we talking here? Do I need a "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style Book" or are we hunting like our ancient fore-mothers did without gay fashion gurus?

Kid Sis said...

Ha ha ha! No gay fashion gurus required! I'm a bargain shopper of quality items, and I'm good!

Eric Escobar said...

Thank you for your comment about 'Knocked Up'. I couldn't get through it. It makes me get into shouting matches with my friends.

Kid Sis said...

Oh MY GOD, SERIOUSLY????? Because Eric, sometimes I wonder what the hell is wrong with everyone. I was afraid I came off like a "feminist" *gasp* at a dinner one night with people who really like me and probably don't like me as much now because I get pretty emotional about that film. It really really really upsets me...Wow. Thanks, Eric.

Jake Hollywood said...

Well, I feel much better now. I thought I was the only one who thought Knocked Up was just a so-so movie.

I didn't even find it funny (at best just a couple of laughs) at all.

Kid Sis said...

Yea!!!! Finding my people.

I pretty much stared at the screen the whole time. Except when i turned to look at the howler monkeys in the theatre and wonder at our shared gene pool.