Saturday, July 08, 2006


Hero may be the media star, but Stat is pretty cute, too.

We've decided that Hero thinks he's Stat's size, and Stat thinks she's Hero's size.


Lynne said...

who is Stat, by the way? (I know it's the shiny black doggy, but I mean, who IS Stat?)

Kid Sis said...

Notice the shiny fur? Stat is addicted to our wild avocados, too! So California.

Stat is Brenda's 5 year old lab. Or as, the neighbor kid refers to her, "Hero's Mom."

Lynne said...

Yes, very shiny, those avacados are full of that good avacado fat, it must be great for Stat's fur. Thanks for explaining. I must have missed that somehow.

She's pretty. I miss my yellow lab, who is living with my son Josh and his family. Jack loves it at his new home, though, kids, a backyard, a clubhouse to sleep in, goes for rides in the pickup truck.... and they let him on the couch...what more could a dog ask for?

Lynda said...

Stat looks very similar to my Nikki. Maybe they are related. We don't know where Nikki came from, after all.