Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Someone Tell Me Why!

For the love of goddess. I don't have smart Wiccan friends for nothing...

Someone tell me why the eff I'm so nauseous and dizzy that I'd actually prefer to throw up then live another hour like this?

Oh, and the whole left side of my head feels split open.

Someone tell me what's wrong and help me fix it. Cheese and crackers! Is it the full moon? Is there an earthquake in Guam? Help!

UPDATE: No, I'm serious. If y'all can't figure this out for me, someone shoot me in the effing head. I can't live this way. Even sitting here, I feel like I"m on a boat on the sea, every small movement a wave of nausea. What is wrong????? And no, I'm not pregnant unless Gabriel the angel had his way with me.

UPDATE2: Eff this, I'm NEVER getting pregnant. OMIGOD I'd actually pay someone to help me hurl if it would make the nausea go away.


Bill Cunningham said...

they are called Doctors. i hear they are useful for situations just as this.

Kristen said...


Carbon monoxide poisoning?

Something you ate? Sometimes I feel like that if I drink black tea on an empty stomach.

Get better!

Meg said...

Sounds like maybe a new kind of migraine. I've heard of friends whose migraines involve horrendous nausea and dizziness, so could be...but yeah, call a doctor!!

Kid Sis said...

Of for the love of Samhain...where are my nutty friends that are going to tell me to do something spin three times chanting BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA and then bury Hero's shit in the backyard under the full Harvest moon...

think CHEAP and CRAZY, people.

Call a doctor. Feh.

MIM said...

On a side note, don't be so quick to utterly dismiss pregnancy. I think you'd make a great mom.

IMO, parenthood requires a certain blend of will, creativity, expressiveness, and -- most underrated of all -- intelligence. By the last trait, I include, but certainly do not limit the definition to, the ability to see a situation, react to it, and adapt what you learn from that to other situations.

In the cumulative, on-and-off time I've known you, you've been no less than:

a student,
a writer,
an actor,
a Power Ranger,
a stuntwoman,
a martial artist/ apprentice,
a guest lecturer,
an advocate,
a CEO,
a devoted daughter,
a loving sister,
a cool aunt,
a kind stranger to children (namely mine),
an avid blogger,
a traveler,
an amateur musician,
a filmmaker...

and a FRIEND.

In other words, you'd make a great mom. :)


Kid Sis said...

Oh, that's so nice of you. Geez, when you list it that way...

Can I arrange a Freaky Friday thing where the guy carries the leech for 10 months? I really like my food in my stomach and my breasts where they are...

Christina said...

Sounds like an inner ear problem. Probably just need antibiotics.

MIM said...

kid sis -- Yeah, that was sappy, but I figured if I didn't know any internet homeopathic remedies, I'd go for the self-esteem health boost.

As for the rest, I'm not really allowed to comment as to where any of your body parts or inner contents go. Sorry. :)


MIM said...

Back this up... what have you eaten the last 36 hours?

Emphasize anything of animal flesh or dairy here.


Kid Sis said...

I did eat a lot of smelly cheese...but I love smelly cheese!!!!

And we did a lot of feng shuing in the house...

And I'm PMSing...

MIM said...

Cheese, cramps, and furniture moving... during a heat wave.

Oh boyyy...

Sit back, drink a ton of water, have a little Gatorade, and snack on some wheat crackers or fresh bread every two hours. Avoid fatty foods (that includes chocolate and ice cream, babe), fried foods, and dairy products for a couple of days or so.


Kid Sis said...


Okay, now you're freaking me out.

MIM said...

It's my dad gene. Moms aren't the only psychics in the world.

Call me or email me and let me know how you are, OK? You worry me -- in a nice way, but there is worry.


Lynne said...

are you better? now I'm worried!

Lynda said...

That sounds like me when I get allergies. Do your ears hurt too? Do you feel better if you lay perfectly still?

Try Sudafed. I am serious.