Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Do My Own Stunts

At my nieces' recommendation:

How much does the routine at the beginning look like a riff on Emilio Estevez's Breakfast Club dance? I would LOVE to see it set to that cheesy music instead. Hysterical.

Okay, my nieces have never seen The Breakfast Club. I'm clearly slacking on my aunt duties.

But these people their age clearly have:


Lynda said...

How could they have missed the Breakfast Club? It comes on TV all the time. lol.

I admit, I have only seen the TV version though, and never all in one sitting.

I was sorry the guy who played the principal died of lung cancer from asbestos. :(

Kid Sis said...

Yeah, that was another upper this year. URg.

Heidi said...

Oh! If you liked all the jumping around on building stunts, you'll love District B13. Super cool no FX action with all stunt work like that. So fun! So French! You know, French as in SOON TO BE WORLD CUP LOSERS!!! Ale! Forza Azzurri!

shrinking indigo said...

How timely.

I've been walking around last couple of weeks with my impersonation of "The Breakfast Club on WPIX" (NYC local channel 11 years ago).

I thrust my right middle finger out in front of me, deepen my voice, and holler "FORGET YOU!"



Bill Cunningham said...

There's another french film called YAMAKASI about these type of 'Parkour runners.'