Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Best Use of "Overenthused" Ever

This article may not mean anything to y'all, but as someone who took seven rehab years to prove doctors wrong about how far I could recover from a minor head injury, it's da bomb. Of course, my recovery involved a lot of neurology, witchdoctors, visualization, personal sacrifice, and Jedi tricks...glad this dude just got to lay there. :)

Then again, thinking Reagan is president is some fresh new hell.

Guess I get to add spontaneous regeneration of my sheared nerve connections to my visualizations...maybe I can finally get rid of these blasted headaches.


Lynne said...

Yeah, but wait til he finds out who is president now!

Lynda said...

LOL Lynne!

I saw that but I didn't really read it. As far as the brain goes, I think it is the most misunderstood organ.