Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Post Buffy Stories

Looks pretty cool. Written by Joss Whedon himself.


MIM said...

Is it just me, or did Buffy get taller since cancellation?

Seriously. Maybe Buffy was doing pilates or something...


American Knight said...

Very cool indeed. I must get my hands on a copy of Fray asap.

mernitman said...

Another reason to stay alive! Thanks for the head's up.

MIM said...

Of course, if this allows Joss to reconsider maybe putting Cordy as Wonder Woman in the movie, I don't mind this one bit.

Don't know if she can act well enough to carry a potential blockbuster, and admittedly she'll be 36 this month -- can you believe it? -- but she's worth a look IMO.


Kid Sis said...

MIM, Hey man, it's a COMIC. Has to be a better body version. It's the law. And Cordy to play the 19-year-old Greek Wonder woman? Not what Joss has up his sleeve. Besides it's known he'd rather strangle himself with the lasso than work with non-Charisma again. Remind me to share my copy of his speech from Expo last year with you.

AK and MM, yeah, I've got my shopping list now for Comic-con. Cool.

MIM said...

Whoa, did not know re the bad blood. Missed that one.

Have fun at the Prom, girlie. Read, spend, network, get the creative juices flowing. Sorry we can't hang again this year. Give my best to Bri.

Save some energy for Kevin Smith at the Arclight -- the Joel Siegel story just made things more interesting.


PS -- Just saw on AICN -- casting news for the next Batman. Former sheep rancher as the Joker?

Lynda said...

I loved the tv shows, didn't care much for the movie, and never got past anything besides watching the TV show. Well, I bought the DVD's.