Thursday, July 06, 2006

4th of July

It's never been a favorite holiday of mine, but this year I sailed the open seas with some pirate friends. A fine time was had by all! I'm a lucky dame.


Heidi said...

please tell me you talked like a pirate.

Oh and yeah, Kiera, super scary, Miss I'm not anorexic. Whatev!

Lynda said...

Man, if I wasn't married, I would want to hang out with you.

Heck, I want to hang out with you. lol!

Kid Sis said...

H, Arrr mate. Savvy?

Lynda, you can hang out with me virtually! I'm that good at photoshop :)

Lynne said...

looks like so much fun

hey let's do a photoshop montage of us

(I'll challenge you to a photoshop contest, cuz I'm pretty darned good myself)

Lynda said...

I am not terrific at Photoshop, but I got lucky with a picture of my husband's head on Vin Diesel's body.

I told him I built the perfect man.